Trolling the Net #28

by Molly Moore
qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

Ready…. Steady…. Go!

1. I hate nipple clamps. They don’t quite make it onto my hard limits list but they definitely do no feature on any, oh yes do that to me, list either. This week I read this piece by Tamsin Flowers: Tiny, shiny, bity snaps of steel… And it made me want to go and find the clamps and leave them on his pillow. I didn’t, but that does not mean I won’t and when a piece of writing inspires desire in you, in the way this did, well then it is fucking brilliant piece in my opinion.

2. I do love a story with a sinister twist. You start off reading and everything seem just lovely but the further you get into the more to realise that something is not quite right. Just the Two of Us by Kayla Lords, does exactly that and I love it.

3. The subject of childbirth and the effect it has on the female body is one that I believe is not written about with enough honesty and candor. I think how the arrival of children into our lives is covered but, the sometimes devastating physical effects of having a baby are not. This week Jane Gilbert tackled the subject in her honest, frank and humorous style. Sex and the post-birth vagina: On peeing myself, prolapse, pelvic surgery, and pilates is a must read for everyone, men, women, parents, would be parents and even those who wish to remain childless because knowing the truth of people’s lives and experiences is always a positive thing.

4. And finally this week if you have any interest in the history and folklore of Witches then check out this fabulous piece that looks at how the popular image of a witch flying on a broom stick “may actually stem from the 17th century habit of women soaking, smothering, or saturating a broom handle with hallucinogenic herbs before pushing it up their vagina to absorb the opiates through the old mucus membranes.” For all those erotica writers out there, surely there is a story here somewhere…. Ridin’ Dirty: A Sweeping Look at Witches Mounting Their Broomsticks

5. Some people go to a great deal of effort to create weird shit….. this weeks video is a perfect example of that.

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Tamsin Flowers November 2, 2015 - 8:48 pm

Oh goodness, Molly, thank you for your kind words about my writing – they’ve pretty much bowled me over! Tamsin xoxoxoxo


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