A pause from thinking

by Molly Moore
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We first meet Amy and Oscar back in January in a story I wrote called Unfinished Business. They have stayed with me and I have been pondering exploring them a bit more and so you might want to refresh your memory before reading this next installment and hopefully there will be more Amy and Oscar after this one too.


Amy unlocked the door to her little flat where she greeted with noisy meows by Dolly.

“Hello Dolly Bolly, are you dying of hunger again” she said to the cat as she dumped her shopping bags down in the kitchen. “Fear not little fluffster, I have special treats for us both” The cat wound itself round her legs as she unpacked the shopping and put stuff away in the cupboards and fridge. She dished out the fancy ‘real meat’ cat food she has bought for Dolly and poured herself a glass of crisp white wine.

Bumping into Oscar today had left Amy feeling out of sorts all afternoon. She had gone and done her shopping but her mind kept drifting to thoughts of him, memories of their time together played like little snippet of a filthy movies through her mind making her blush a deep red colour and glance around the shop to see if anyone had noticed.

She had not responded to his last text about the leather chair but her phone had weighed heavy in her bag all afternoon as if calling to her. Now she sat on the sofa with her glass of wine and her phone and looked down at the message again

“I still have that leather chair you know”

What was she meant to say back to that?

“What leather chair?” way to dismissive

“So what?” way to angry

“Can I sit in it again” way to desperate

In the end she decided on

“Why do you say that?”

She pressed the send button and sipped her wine. She hoped for an instant response but when it didn’t come her mind turned to Adrian and she picked up her phone again

“Hey, I know we said dinner tonight but can we do it at the weekend instead. I have a headache and don’t really feel like food”

He replied back instantly

“I was just about to message you. I am still stuck in this stupid meeting so yeah that works for me. I will call you tomorrow. Hope you head gets better. x”

She replied with a thanks and cast her phone aside.

Now she had lied. She didn’t have a headache at all she just didn’t have space in her head for Adrian tonight but she also didn’t feel like explaining that to him and anyway what was she meant to say? Seeing Oscar today filled my mind with memories of the hot sex we used to have and I need some time alone with those thoughts. Yeah that was not a text message she felt like sending.

Her phone beeped again

“Because you were thinking about it” was Oscar’s reply

“Really, and you can see in my head?” she dashed back at him

“No, in your eyes, just as you saw it in mine”

Damn that man for being so observant she thought to herself as contemplated her reply but then her phone beeped again

“Would you like to meet up for that drink?”

“Sure” she replied

“How about this weekend?” he sent back

“Sounds good”

“Yes it does” was his reply. Amy just knew he was grinning and it took her moment to realise she was too. She remembered that grin well, and the thought of it instantly took her back to their time together. He would grin at her like when he had made her come; her juices still wet on his lips and chin. All day long that memory had been nipping at her brain but she had kept pushing aside. Now though she sunk back into the soft cushions of the sofa and let it flow freely through her mind.

She placed her glass of wine on the little table next to her phone and let her hand slide up underneath her dress and press into the gusset of her knickers. She was wet, she had been all afternoon but had done her best to ignore it but now she pushed the material into the fold of her cunt using the material to soak up some of her juices and create a bit of friction between her slick flesh and her fingers. Her eyes were shut but in her mind she could see it clearly, her legs spread, her dress hitched up around her waist, he knickers discarded somewhere on the floor and Oscar’s dark hair between her legs almost matching the colour of her small patch of pubic hair. His tongue lapping at her clit and his fingers pushing deep inside her. She pulled her knickers to one side and used two hands; One to rub at her aching little clit and the other to push a finger into her cunt. Usually it took a while for her to orgasm to happen but not tonight, much to her surprise it danced up upon her almost instantly and she fucked her fingers harder into herself as her muscles clamped down around them.

Afterwards she dipped her sticky fingers into her wine and sucked the mixture of alcohol and her juices off them. The thought that such a filthy act would squick Adrian out made her feel all the more naughty for doing it.

Adrian!? Fuck, what about Adrian? This morning Adrian had been the only man in her mind but bumping into Oscar seemed to have messed with her head and now she had two potential dates for the weekend.

Sighing she reached for the remote control and switched on the TV. She needed to take a pause from thinking about this all for a bit. Tomorrow she would decide what to do next.

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Mrs Fever October 10, 2018 - 3:35 pm

I like the thought-process description around deciding how to reply. It makes her instantly relate-able.

We’ve all been in situations like that, I think. With lovers and otherwise. Wanting to send the ‘right’ message, not wanting to reveal too much about how we feel. Yet, so often, our efforts to protect our truths result only in revealing them more clearly.

Marie Rebelle October 10, 2018 - 4:55 pm

Oh dear, seems she has some thinking to do… I am so glad you brought them back 😊

Rebel xox

Ria Restrepo October 13, 2018 - 10:51 pm

Very hot! And yes, very relate-able. I know which one I’d choose. (wicked grin) 😉

Cara Thereon October 14, 2018 - 10:48 pm

What is going to happen next? I’m curious which man she’ll pick. I know who I’m hoping for…

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