A Little Distraction

By on February 15, 2016.

A little age play fantasy to start off the week


They are just socks and panties. Plain white, simple; the kind you might even call everyday and yet I have noticed that they make people take notice. Well, not people exactly but Daddy. At first I thought maybe it that my skirt was a little too short that made Daddy look at me like that but then I thought it was something to do with the way I stand and twiddle my hair when he looks at me like that, which made him be such a bad Daddy. It makes me blush when I think about it. However now I am pretty sure that despite the skirt and that other stuff what really gets Daddy’s attention are the socks and the panties because if I am not wearing those, then Daddy is only bad sometimes but when I am wearing them Daddy is always very, very bad to his little girl.

I know I really shouldn’t play these games with Daddy. Good girls are not meant to be naughty like this but it is so much fun and even though I know we are being very wicked together I like the way it feels when Daddy touches me and whispers into my ear. “I am going to make you into a big girl”

I still really don’t know what it is about the frilly socks and the little white panties that Daddy loves so much but I know what happens when I wear them and I think today I feel like being Daddy’s big girl.

Molly in little white frilly socks and white pantiesMasturbation Monday Badge

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