The Tentacles

by Molly Moore
Monster man with captivating eyes and a tentacles face and beard

I had tentacles as a potential subject on kink of the week for a long time now but I will admit I kind of avoided it because it was not something I felt very confident writing about. I would probably have gone as far to say it was not my kink and I didn’t really get it. However it couldn’t be ignored for ever and so I decided to do some reading and then I decided to watch some tentacle porn. Much to my surprise some of the stuff I watched turned me on. Mostly the ones where women were being defiled by tentacles in some way. It was a bit of a revelations and got my mind thinking. Then I made the image above for the prompt and something about that creature, his eyes and who or what he might be, half man, half sea creature sent me down a fantasy rabbit hole that soon had me rubbing one out. However letting your mind run riot with a fantasy and turning it into a coherent piece are two different thing entirely. I have given it my best shot.

Content Warning: This story contains elements of non consensual kidnap and dubious consent that turns into consensual non consent. It contains fear and terror, creature/human sex, tentacles, and copious amounts of jizz.

Why did I do it? Like so many things that we do on impulse, in a fit of madness it seemed like a good idea at the time

Now, as he guided me into the cave, I was not so sure.

On the beach he had seemed gentle, safe.

I had been there taking pictures of the wreck. It was one of those autumn days made for a big jumper and I had to tie my hair back to stop the wind from constantly grabbing at it and trying to wrap it round my face. The sky was filled with dark moody clouds that felt like if you were just a bit taller you could almost reach up and touch them.

He had appeared out of no where. Well obviously he had not but I guess I had been absorbed in the wreak and taking pictures so had not noticed him walk down the cliffs or across the beach to me. One moment I was alone and then the next time I looked up I wasn’t.

He was tall, really tall. He was wearing jeans and a thick dark blue jumper and on his face he had a beautiful thick full beard. In the diminishing light there were moments when it almost seemed to sparkle and I had to thrust my hands into my pockets to stop myself reaching out and touching it.

He looked like the sea. That sounds silly I know but there was something about his blue eyes and tendrils of hair and that beard that made me think of a merman. I giggled at the though and he asked me what was funny

“Nothing, just. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter.” I waved my hand trying to dismiss the thought away.

He tilted his head to one side appraising my answer, trying to decide if I was hiding something or telling the truth. In the end he smiled back at me and I felt something shift inside me in response.

We ended up sitting on the shingle and talking. I don’t know how long we sat there but I told him about photography and hearing about the wreck and how says like this, the wind and sky made me feel alive. How I missed living near the sea but came back all the time. He was easy to talk to. He told me about the caves at the end the beach. How he came here often to explore them. Clearly we both loved the sea and the beach and this slightly wild weather.

He asked me if I wanted to see them. I turned to look at him. The sun, low in the sky burst through the dark clouds for a moment and shone round his head like a halo. He looked magical, ethereal and I felt that twist in my guts again. I looked into his eyes searching for his truth. Something I saw there had me nodding my consent.

Now here I am standing in the entrance to the cave and I can feel his presence at my back. As he walked in behind me his size blocking out some of the light and that is when I shivered, suddenly realising what I had done. I should have screamed, tried to push past him. My heart thrummed in my chest and I froze.

His voice was deep but soft.

“Let me” was all he said as he pressed himself against my back and wrapped one arm round my waist. I kicked out at him as he lifted me clean off my feet and started to walk into the dark depth of the cave carrying me in front of him. As the darkness pulled us in I felt his breath on my neck and then he seemed to be everywhere, lifting me, turning me, pulling my arms wide and then my legs and no matter how I twisted or moved or fought he answered every single movement with his own until suddenly there was stillness. His and mine.

The lights on the wall flickered into life slowly illuminating the cave.

I was laying on a large slab of cliff that appeared to have fallen from the ceiling above, my arms and legs were pinned out around me in a starfish shape, my clothes gone, torn from my body and he stood at my feet between my open thighs. As my eyes adjusted to the gloomy light I peered into the shadows straining to see him, to understand, to find reassurance in those eyes that before had looked like safety but what I saw stilled my heart in my chest for a moment and then as it raced against my rib cage and my mouth opened wide in a silent terrified scream.

His beard that earlier had looked like shimmering thick hair had turned into a writhing mass of tentacles. Some small and almost wispy in nature others long and thick trailing down his body and across the slab I lay on, their powerful suckered ends wrapping around my wrists and ankles holding me spread eagled in front of him. His eyes shone brightly amidst the mess of what had been his face and another long tentacled arm slithered it ways up my body and laid over my open mouth as if shushing me.

“Please” I whimper. “Please let me go”

His eyes watched me. He is silent but I can tell he is trying to give me time. To let me breath and relax.

“I can smell you” his voice is the same as before, deep and oddly gentle. “I can smell your desire and need and yes fear too. The fear is delicious. Are you sure you want to go?”

I don’t answer

Another tentacle emerges from his neck. I watch as it creeps across the stone and then the tip finds the bud of my nipple and twists around it, soft at first but then as my eyes dart back to his face he watches me as it tightens, puckering the skin round my nipple as it twists and pull and then there are more tentacles on the other nipple, twisting and pulling and across my neck, the one near my mouth twitches as my lips, parting them slightly and on my thighs, across my belly. They are everywhere, he is everywhere.

“Do you want to go?” he asks again. There is pause He waits. Those eyes watching me and I truly believe if I say yes he will let me but then I instantly realise I don’t want to say yes, let me go, I want to say no, keep me here. Make me. Do it.

“Do you want to go?” he repeats and this time I shake my head my head no. His eyes glisten in response and the whole seething mass of him seems to swell and undulate around me. It is terrifying and intoxicating and I cry out as those opposing emotions fight within me but then my cries turn to gasp and groans as my body reacts to him.

Tentacles crawl up my thighs, teasing my cunt lips apart, sliding over my clit and dipping into my hole, others slip between my buttocks and I can feel them teasing at my arsehole. One slides under the arch of my back and lift me slightly seemingly opening me up more, there are tentacles on my neck and in my hair, moving, pulling, twisting.

And then he is pushing into me

Into my cunt, into my arse, into my mouth. Thick powerful tentacles probing into every desperate aching hole stretching and filling me with all of him until I felt utterly consumed by this creature.

My orgasm roars through me. Instead of stopping he continued on, his tentacles sliding in and out of my body, leaving me empty and hollow before slowly and purposefully filling me again. Over and over, a relentless assault of his horrific form into mine until finally I felt him swell and throb around me and inside me and then his sticky jizz is spilling into my mouth and my cunt and my arse and across my stomach, in my hair, over my face, down my legs. The smell of him, hot and salty fills my nostrils and tears bubbled from my eyes and mixed with his seed.

I am completely destroyed and I had never felt more alive than in this moment.

I must have passed out. My senses so overwhelmed by this creature that in the end something in my brain said enough. I don’t know how long for but when I came too I was alone. My clothes were neatly folded on the rock beside me and clearly some attempt at been made to wipe some of the wetness from my body but mostly it still clung to every inch of me.

When I sat up I realised there was a fairly big rock pool in the cave and dipping a toe in I discovered it was oddly warm. I washed the stickiness for my body, just enough to be able to get my clothes back on but I left my hair and face. I wasn’t ready to leave this moment completely behind.

As I left the cave darkness shrouded the beach. The wreck loomed in the shadows and I should have been scared. I should have run and never looked back. I should have been horrified by what just happened to me. Disgusted with him and my own body. I should have raged at his taking of me.

But instead I walked calming and slowly up the beach towards my car. The scent of him still in my hair and on my face and I knew without any doubt that I would be back.

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