by Molly Moore
Ghostly face in white mist for post called Patience

The prompt this week on Revelations is Patience. I thought about writing about that word and if I am patience or impatient person but the answer is, like so many things. It depends on the situation but mostly I would have to admit to tending towards the impatient. So what to write. Well the word patience is also a name and what if Patience wasn’t very Patient and what if her only existence was to please herself? Whether Patience is a mystery or a ghost, well that is down to you to decide…

Her hand felt warm in his as she pulled him out through the fire exit and into the side alley. It was dark and dank out. A narrow gap lay between the club and the next building. Glancing down one way he could see the bright lights of the street but she was leading him away from there, into the darkness. He followed like a lamb, allowing her to tug him along in her wake.

Every time he had gone to the bar the bar to get a drink she had caught his eye. She hadn’t seem to be ashamed or embarrassed to be caught staring at him but instead had held his gaze. Even openly checking him out, running her eyes down his body and back up again. He had smiled at her but she had not smiled back instead just raising one eyebrow and on another occasion lifting her chin slightly in acknowledgement of him.

She was beautiful. Dark eyes that in the light of the bar looked black, with a head of wild brown curls that hung lose around her face. She wore a white dress sleeveless dress that seemed more garden party than night club but she stood at the end of the bar as if she owned the place, as if she fitted here. People came and went around her as if she was invisible or else a fixture. Not out of place but quite the opposite, so perfectly in her place

The alleyway cut around the back of the building. On one side was the back of the building and on the other a high fence that cut if off from the industrial estate that sat behind it. There was one small light on the back of the bar that seemed to be there to illuminate the bins. She guided him into the pool of light that sat between two large black industrial bins. For a moment they just stood and stared at one another. A look of amazement on his face to find himself with this beautiful creature in this very not beautiful spot and a look of consideration on hers as if she was trying to decide if she was happy with what she saw.

He smiled then. Searching her eyes for answers.

“Hi, I am Vin” but before he could finish her mouth was on his consuming the rest of his name with her kiss.

She was hungry and urgent. Wrapping a hand around his neck and reaching up on her tiptoes to get all the kiss, to give all the kiss. Her lips were soft and full. and as their tongues met. he would later swear that she tasted of honey and butter, sweet and creamy all at the same time.

She ground her body up against his and within moments he could feel her tugging at the belt on his trousers. They pulled apart and she grappled urgently with the buckle, tugging and pulling trying to get it open

“Wait.” he panted into her hair, “Let’s slow down. patience, what’s your name?”

“Patience?” she laughed back at him as her small slim fingers continue to work on his belt.

He groaned as her fingers finally released his belt and fly and found their way into his trousers and into his boxers and wrapped themselves firmly around the shaft of his dick. Their foreheads touched as he lent into her, savouring the touch of her hand on him. Their breath mingled between them, their mouths so close they were almost touching, almost kissing but just as he tried to find her lips with his she dipped away, bending her knees until she knelt before him

She took him in her mouth without any hesitation. Drawing him deep into her throat and then out again, running her tongue round the head of cock, alternating between tongue and throat at a pace that seemed to be second nature to her. Over and over until his dick was hard and straining and his balls, still nestled in his pants where tightening against his body.

He fucked her there in that alley way between the bins. She pulled him from the wall and braced herself against the brickwork, hitching up the skirt of her white dress and thrusting her beautiful full arse out at him. He wanted to admire her, to touch and tease her. To know her but she was not to be denied

“Fuck me” she demanded in a tone that left no room for anything but his obedience.

He pushed into her, slowly, wanting to savour her. Patience, he murmured under his breath as he sunk himself in her heat. Whether he was speaking to her or himself it wasn’t clear and whilst it stilled her for a moment, holding her breath and tilting her head as if she trying to be sure that she heard him right, that moment was fleeting and then she was pushing back onto him, egging him on, filthy words pouring from her mouth

Fuck me. Take me. Harder. Properly. Like you fucking mean it. Fuck my tight little cunt. Shove your cock into me. Yes, yes, like that. More, punish me with your dick.

And so the words spilled from her and he did her bidding. Gripping her hips and thrusting himself over and over into her. A brutal rough fucking that wasn’t his usual style but that he found himself loving. Even though she felt like heaven wrapped around his erection the power of it all seemed to help him to starve of his orgasm and he fucked her just as she liked, just as she wanted until eventually she cried out and he could feel her cunt spasm around his cock.

“Come in me.” she growled over her shoulder at him. “Empty those tight little balls right inside me” she spat out at him as her own orgasm still rippled inside her. Her words were enough. His body responding to her wants as if that was its only purpose.

How long passed Vincent wasn’t sure. One moment they were kissing and then he was standing there his dick hanging limp outside his pants as he watched her adjust her skirt back down and start to walk away from him.

“Wait” he called. “Please. let me buy you a drink.”

She didn’t respond. It was like she couldn’t hear him

“What’s you name? he pleaded.

She paused then and turned back to look at him. Surprise on her face

Patty. My name is Patty.

That’s pretty he replied. Is it short for Patricia? He wanted to keep her attention and this line of questioning seemed to be working.

She smiled then. The first and only time he saw her smile

“No” she replied, “It is short for Patience”

As she turned the corner of the building he could hear her laughing. He ran after her.

“Wait. Patience. Stop.” He rounded the corner of the building expecting to see her striding away from him but she gone. The alleyway was empty.

Vincent adjusted his trousers, tucking his dick back into his pants and tighten the belt round his waist before slipping back into the club through the fire exit which he assumed Patty had left ajar for him

He was surprised to find the club almost empty. A few stragglers finishing up their drinks as the bar staff tidied up around them.

“Hey” he called out the to the man crouched behind the bar restocking. “Where is Patty?”

“Who?” responded the bar man

“Patty. Patience?”

I don’t know no one by that name he replied going back to his work.

“But she works here. Behind the bar. She was here all night. In a white dress”

“Sorry man. You sure you got the right bar?”

It was definitely here. She was here all night. She took led me around the back. I saw her. I fuc…

His voice trailed off as the bar man glanced over his shoulder at you

I think you had too much to drink tonight mate. Or maybe you been smoking something. Either way, it’s time for you to take your self and your over active imagination home

Vincent stumbled from the club. It wasn’t cold but as he walked home through the night he felt himself shivering. Fear and confusion flooding his system. Had he imagined her? Did someone put something in his drink? He just couldn’t believe it. She had been so real. He had touched her. Talked to her. Where had she gone.

He discarded his clothes in the bathroom. Despite the late hour he reached out and flicked on the shower and that was when he saw it. Written down his thigh in what looked like red pen but could have been lipstick was the word


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Kenneth Benoit aka Benke March 2, 2023 - 7:04 pm

Hi Molly. A very nice story. I should be lucky to have someone ( a female) do something like that to me. It would be so hot..Thanks for sharing those wonderfully written story.


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