Praise me like you should

by Molly Moore
Molly kneeling looking up at the camera with hands behind her back and slut written on her chest for post about praise kink

Tell me I am good girl when my mouth is full of your cock. Praise me like you should

Whisper into my ear as we wait for our waitress to bring the bill; “Are you going to be a good girl later and let me fuck you in the arse”

“Take it like a good girl” you growl into my ear as you beat my arse over and over.

Many years ago on the way back from a swingers club where we indulged in some serious filth he suddenly turned to me and said

“You really are the most amazing slut”

For a moment I was quite taken aback. He said it in such a tone and a way that it was almost in awe like and as that sunk in I remember to this day feeling absolutely bloody awesome. Every time I think about that moment, even all these years later it makes me smile at the memory but also with pride.

I am the most amazing slut!

And want you to tell me that. I want to you to tell me that my whore mouth sucks your dick like no one else. I want you to groan good girl at me as I tighten my cunt muscles round your cock just so it feels that little bit tighter for you. I want you tell me that I am an adorable little cumslut when I beg for your cum.

I want you to praise me for my fucking skills.

I sometimes wonder if my praise kink comes from not really having much praise as a kid. My parents were loving and I had a good childhood but my Mother is definitely one of those people who is, “her way is the right way”, and “if you did it like this then it would be better”. I don’t ever really remember her just saying, well done to me. In fact the first time I really remember her praising me was when my son was a few months old and she told me I was an excellent mum. That made me heart swell.

Working as a freelance writer means that I rarely get praise for my work. You do the thing, send it off, and then eventually get paid. I mean that is a nice part but you don’t really get that feedback loop. There are no annual appraisals when you work for yourself. Unless, like me, you regularly award yourself a gold star for a job well done. I think it is why I like a to-do list, because there is a sense of satisfaction to crossing things off them and I am definitely into self rewards.

When I finish this next thing I am going to get another cup of tea and read my book for 10 minutes

When I get through all of *insert task, I am gonna have a quick wank.

Once that is done I am gonna go for a walk.

Well done me, I think as I turn my computer off for the evening knowing I completed the priority tasks.

And if when I tell him that I did that, or how many books I have read this year or that I did yoga or worked out or whatever it is and he tells me, well done, or even good girl. Well that only makes it even better because regardless of whether it is for that reason or because I swallowed all your cum, I am a total slut for a good girl.

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Kenneth Benoit aka Benke April 19, 2023 - 5:00 pm

Hi Molly. This is a beautiful piece of written. Everyone needs to be praised and told they ha e done a good job , whether at their work or while engaged in sexuall activity. It gives that person receiving the praise a boast a sense of worth and value. But the best praise in my opinion is self praise. That is a lovely photo of you also. I want my spouse to be a little Trasy and sluty in our bedroom.

James Kirk April 22, 2023 - 6:18 am

Well done! So fucking well done!! Hope your wank and walk were enjoyable!

Modesty Ablaze April 26, 2023 - 7:50 pm

Such a wonderful photo Molly !!!
Xxx – K

Bee May 1, 2023 - 7:59 pm

I think we’ve both come from backgrounds where we didn’t get praise growing up and annual appraisals are a time to reflect on yourself rather than getting praise for doing your job. But I think we’ve gone in two different directions, I’d hate to receive praise like that. Once in a blue moon for doing something completely out of my comfort zone is needed but any more than that would make me feel very uncomfortable.


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