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Never trust a Tory

Looking up mollys skirt to her bare cunt not wearing any knickers. For a oiece of flash fiction about a girl named Tory

“I can’t Tory, I really can’t”

“Why not?” Tory pouted

“I told you I am done. I can’t keep risking it. If Daisy ever finds out it will ruin everything”

Tory trailed her bright red fingernails over his jean clad thigh and up to his fly button jeans where she hooked a finger in between one of the buttons.

“Oh come on Drew” she purred, “I need you”

“No” and he pushed her hand away and headed for the door.

“Well why did you come round then?” she grumbled

“I, umm, to drop off the apples Daisy got you”

“Really, but you could have left them on the porch like my sister probably would have done. Instead you ring on my door and then come on in when I invite you and even drink my coffee”

Tory had followed him to the doorway where he was standing, one hand on the handle as if about to open it. Leaning into his body she bought her nose right up close to his mouth.

“I can even smell my coffee on your breath”

As she breathed out she tipped her head back so that their lips were now almost touching.

“And you know what Drew, you seem to be somewhat turned on for a man who doesn’t want to fuck” And she pushed her hips up against what was clearly his hard cock straining against the fabric of his jeans.

“Oh God Tory, please, please just let me go, please, I can’t keep doing this. Not with you, not like this.”

“But I like it, I like you, I want you, your cock fits inside me perfectly and you make me come harder than anyone else ever did. I am wet just thinking about it”

And she took his hand and guided it up the skirt of her dress to her bare cunt.

The moment his fingers grazed across her soft wet skin his resolve to leave Tory alone crumbled and with the other hand he grabbed her by the hair and kissed her as his finger dug desperately into the folds of her cunt.

Tory had won, yet again, and she grinned to herself at her triumph. No panties always gets them in the end.

Looking up mollys skirt to her bare cunt not wearing any knickers

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  • Cara Thereon

    Naughty Tory. I’d struggle to resist too

  • Nicci Haydon

    Oh my God, she’s predatory and I love it! What a character 😀

    • Molly Moore

      Thank you, and yes she is, totally shameless.


  • Vista

    Nice! Love this! 😉

  • Elliott Henry

    When I first read the title I misread and thought it said ‘Toy’. I wondered what had happened with a sex toy gone bad.

    First, I have to say that this is one of the most cock-hardening photos I have seen in some time, Molly. And, it perfectly illustrates a line near the end of your story. Fun sexy story, and I liked the detail of Tory hooking her finger in between the buttons on his jeans, that move is erection causing.

  • Accidental Masturbator

    How can I get to meet a woman like Tory?
    Incidentally, when I die, I want to be reincarnated as a floor board in your house.

  • Indigo Byrd

    This photo left me breathless. Your bum and legs look absolutely stunning and what an amazing pussy pout! (And I love the feminine floaty skirt too)… The story is fabulous – she is very very naughty, fits the image so well…
    Indigo x

  • Kayla Lords

    First of all, I’m proud of myself for understanding the tongue-in-cheek title. And second, WOW, she’s a pistol all right. Pretty sure she always gets exactly what she wants. I like her!

  • John Brownstone

    I loved this, I think Tory gets her way no matter what anyone else wants.

    • Molly Moore

      I think the words you are looking for are manipulative bitch


  • Silver Eagle

    Loving this….. I so wish I could get shots like that.

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