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It is such a distinctive sound; the little snap as he lets go and the latex glove fits in place round his wrist. I am laying on the bed knees bent but firmly pressed together. He is watching me, saying nothing, the expression on his face makes me shiver. No smile, just cold eyes staring straight into mine. He sits down on the edge of the bed next to me.

“Show me” is all he says

I hesitate. It’s all part of the game.

A little sigh from him

“Show me. It’s time for your inspection”

I let me knees fall open and he reaches between my thighs and eases my labia apart with his fingers. He trails them up and down from the hole of vagina to the nub of clit.

“You are quite wet slut” he observes as he shows me the tips of his gloved fingers which glisten with my juices

“But not enough I think” and he reaches up to the bedside table for the bottle lube which he pours liberally over the tips of two of his fingers.

“That should help” he says and he puts one hand on my knees and presses it down into the bed so I am open wide and repeats his earlier touch. Covering my cunt with the cool lube before finally pressing first one, then two of his latex clad fingers into me. Filling and stretching me with them, making me groan as he probes me and it is a probing. He pushes in, deep and hard and then swirls his fingers inside me, sweeping them around, curling them up, twisting and turning them.

“This is how we get little sluts ready” he says and my cunt tightens round his fingers in response to his words which makes him chuckle.

“Some sluts are less willing then others but seems like you are one of the ones who is more than willing”

He keeps talking. Words that make me squirm and groan and grind down on his fingers even more and so that when I finally reach down between my thighs and rub at my throbbing clit I come almost instantly, my head thrown back, my legs spread wide, impaled on his fingers.

Eventually he lets his fingers slip from my body, peels the latex glove from his hand and drops it on the bed beside me.

“Clean yourself up. And same time week to see if you can take 3 fingers” and then he is gone


I don’t own any PVC, Latex or Rubber clothes. It is not really something that has every appealed to me although I love seeing it on other people. But those medical latex gloves, now those I definitely do things to me. There is something about them, especially when combined with the idea of being inspected or got examined that just makes turn me the fuck on. The only thing that would have made the above scene hotter for me would have been if he had pushed different sizes dildos in me and talked about how much I could take whilst holding me open with his gloved fingers. Or used them to get my arse ready for a plug or a toy but you can’t do all the dirty things at once. It’s good to leave something for next time.

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  • Sweetgirl

    Well I concur… a hot little post and there is always next time 😊

  • Mosscat

    Uuuungh!this was one of my first fantasies and I might just have to revisit it.

  • Lexy

    Although the scene described is not particularly relatable for me right now I wanted to say that your photo is EXQUISITE as always. You have such a way of capturing the close up and detail, and of course it does support the narrative beautifully.

  • May More

    Oh yes I cant wait for more of this another time – like the thought of the examination thing – I tink she will be able to take 3 fingers easily! x

  • Reiner

    I read it, could it formally see in front of my eyes and it made me immediately horny.

  • Fhw17

    post makes me horny… picture makes me wet

  • DeviantSuccubus

    I came for the picture because I looove this picture! But I stayed for the hot description of the inspection scene. Loved it!

  • Kayla Lords

    I may or may not have squirmed — with delight and a distinctly submissive feeling — at the command to open up for inspection. So damn hot.

  • elliott

    This was a sexy read, Molly. You definitely did something to me.

  • Jupiter Grant

    I didn’t realise I had a fetish for latex gloves until I saw this picture and read your luscious words! Fabulous 👄

  • Bee

    Every time I see this image I turn into a squirmy mess, gloves, lube and inspections tap into my inner psyche!

  • Katie

    I have an inspection fetish too

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