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“But I like seeing” I can hear the whine in my voice as he draws the blindfold down over my eyes

“I know you do” he replies “which is exactly why we are doing this”

“What, not doing the things I like?”

“No, not always letting you have your own way”

I wrinkle my nose and twist my mouth in silent protest. I know he has seen because he laughs but then his mouth is on mine. A gentle soft kiss which is over too soon. I lean forward slightly, hoping he is still there, wanting more. He meets me as I lean, this time his hand find the side of my face and this kiss is different; Deep and urgent.

I reach out, my hands on his chest, tracing the buttons down the front of his shirt with my fingertips until I find the buckle of his belt. I don’t need to see to know what to do, the leather is warm beneath my touch but as I go to pull it back to release the buckle he stops me. Dragging my hands away and pinning them behind my back.

“So impatient” he mutters

He uses his body to guide me a few steps backwards to the bed where he sits me down. His hands are on my bare thighs and then down over my knees and to my calves. He grips them and lifts, gently but firmly and my only choice is to lay backwards or twist out of his grasp. Somehow he sense that I am contemplating a flight. Or maybe he just knows that I have a tendency to react that way when I feel cornered because he pauses and says

“Hush. Breathe.”

He places my feet on the bed, the t shirt I was wearing, his t-shirt, is puckered up beneath me. I blush furiously beneath the blindfold knowing my cunt is exposed to him.

“Relax.” he whispers and I can feel his breath on my inner thigh. “Just feel. No thinking, no seeing, nothing. I just want you to feel.”

My breath catches on my throat…

…as I feel his fingers part the lips of my vulva,

…as I feel his tongue flick across my clit,

…as I feel his fingers dip and probe and his mouth lick and suck and taste me,

…as I feel his teeth nip at the tender flesh on my inner thigh,

I let myself do what he says, breath, relax, just feel and wrapped in a pool of darkness let him consume me and feel my orgasm flow around his fingers and beneath his mouth.Masturbation Monday Badge

Every Damn Day in June badge

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  • May More

    I get a little scared when my site is taken away – but it does make me hypersensitive and that’s a good thing x

  • Lexy

    What a gorgeous photo 🖤

  • JerBear

    Hot, Hot, Hot!
    Thank you

  • Victoria Blisse

    Oh, this is delicious!

  • Mosscat

    Oooh I want, I want, I want…

  • Jupiter Grant

    Hmm, luscious. The sensations always feel sharper and more acute, I find, when I can’t see. A very sensual and evocative piece 💖

  • Kayla Lords


    “But I like seeing” I can hear the whine in my voice as he draws the blindfold down over my eyes

    “I know you do” he replies “which is exactly why we are doing this”

    “What, not doing the things I like?”

    “No, not always letting you have your own way”

    Have you been hiding in my bedroom? (I wish! 😉 LOL)

    • Molly Moore

      That made me laugh… I could not have predicted you would identify with that bit…. much!

  • Vlad_Lioncourt

    “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”
    -Neale Donald Walsch

    Your wonderful writing – I could feel your responses – and your Mr’s actions certainly prove that.

    Love using blindfolds…

    Thank you for sharing.

  • asrai devin

    I love the bratty start and the surrender at the end.

    • Molly Moore

      So very me

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