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Strong fingers

I watch his finger curl around the stem of the glass and I find myself wondering what his fingers will feel like curling round my nipple or reaching into the heat between my thighs.

Will he be gentle, caress me with his fingertips like he touches that glass or does he know that I need more than that? Can he sense it? That I want strong fingers reaching out for me, a soft gentle caress across my breast followed by a firm touch as he rolls my nipple between his thumb and finger watching my face as I watch him, not stopping even when I suck in a sharp breath as the sensation builds and makes me lean into his body searching for a reprieve that I don’t really want.

Will he dip his fingers into the soft folds of my cunt, part them gentle and run his fingers over the delicate flesh, so softly that it makes me mew and roll my hips trying to get more of him. Will he reward me or continue to play me until I am whimpering needy and desperate for more and then, only then when I am holding onto his arm trying to force his fingers into me will he give me what I need, what I want. Pushing first one and then two of his thick strong fingers into me, making me gasp and quiver and spread my legs wider for him.

Will he do all that, does he know what I want? Does he know what I need?

I watch him bring the glass to his mouth and drink. He watches me over the rim. There is a look in his eye, a small smile on his lips as he swallows down the rosy red liquid. He places the glass back on the table and rolls the stem between his thumb and finger. I drag my eyes away from his hand back to his face.

I take a sip of my drink. We both smile at one another.

I know that he knows…

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  • Victoria Blisse


  • E.L. Byrne

    hahah Oh yeah- He KNOWS. I love it.. I could feel what you were describing. πŸ™‚


  • Julie

    So hot! I can’t see how he wouldn’t know!

  • kisungura

    Goodness, I think I need a moment…I love that thing of knowing they know something *squirm*

  • Marie Rebelle

    Mmmmm I think he will… 😊

    Rebel xox

  • Kayla Lords

    Oh yesssssssss! I love to watch JB’s fingers and think about what he might do with them.

  • Serena Chloe

    A provocative, but brief moment with so much impact. I wonder what he is thinking?

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