Unfinished Business

by Molly Moore

“I need to get back to the office”

“OK, well I am going to do a bit of shopping and grab some yummy stuff for dinner”

“Ahh you teachers and your school holidays. Life of luxury I tell you” he teases, as he leans in to kiss me goodbye.

“Yeah right, because we get paid to live a life of luxury unlike you corporate dicks that are on the poverty line” I say as I grin up at him

“Cheeky…. but fair point taken” he replies

We leave the money for our lunch on the table and step out into the busy market. I guess I am not really paying attention as all of a sudden someone bumps into me and my bag goes flying across the floor

“Hey man, watch out”

The guy is tall with dark hair and wearing a suit. He grabs for the bag to stop it being trampled underfoot by all the other lunch time people. It is only when he turns to hand it back to me that I see his face



For a moment we just stand and stare, him down at me and me up at him. It is only when someone jostles him as they try to squeeze past that it snaps us both out of the moment.

“What are you doing here Amy?”

“I live here, or did you forget that?”

“I didn’t know, I mean we all lived here back at university but I don’t think I realised your home was here” he kind of shrugs his shoulders

“More to the point Oscar, what are you doing here?”

“Oh, I am working on a project here. Only been here 2 days but looks like it will be at least 3 months, maybe more…..”

As he talks my mind drifts. I mean I can hear what he is saying but as I watch his mouth move I am instantly transported back to what it felt like when he kissed me. How good it felt, how our bodies fitted, how he seemed to know exactly what to do with his hands when he held me and then I am sitting in that big leather chair he had in his room my legs hooked up on the arms my bottom perched at the edge and those lips that felt so good on my mouth feel even better pressed up against my cunt. Beneath my sweater I can feel my nipples tighten as my brain remembers how his hands felt on my thighs, how his fingers reached into the heat of my body and managed to find just the right place to touch me so that I would come again and again for him and how, with his face covered with my juices, he would lift me to my feet bend me over and slide his thick hard cock into me with one swift movement. All those nights spent exploring each other’s bodies, Oscar was the first man whose dick I had sucked and enjoyed it, he was the first man to make me come with his mouth and he was the first man to ever fuck my arse.

“….how about you?”

The pause in conversation jolts me back into the moment

“Oh me?” I laugh “I am just a plain old teacher. High school out in the burbs….”

And I rattle off a brief summary of my life at the moment.

“That’s cool” he replies, and for a second we just look at one another and I know, in that instant looking into his eyes that he is remembering too.

Adrian nudges my elbow

“Oh, and this is Adrian. He is my, ummm… boyfriend.”

Well that is cool too” replies Oscar but his eyes never leave mine for a moment.

“Look I have to go; I am late for a meeting. Perhaps we can have a drink sometime, all of us” and he waves a hand towards Adrian. “Let me take your number.”

He taps my number into his phone

“There. Amy. Saved” and he turns the phone towards me so I can see

He gives us a little backward wave as he dashes away through the market

“Who the hell was THAT?” Exclaims Adrian

“Oscar? Oh, he is just someone I used to know.”

I glance up at Adrian, he looks kind of serious, like maybe he is a little annoyed or maybe it is just because he is now going to be late. Either way he says his goodbyes again and like Oscar disappears into the crowds.

I stand for a moment and try to centre myself. I had not seen Oscar in nearly 4 years and even back at school it had been a fleeting thing, a passionate filthy orgasmic thing, but he had been in his last year and me in my first and neither of us had really had any expectations of anything beyond that.

My phone beeps. I reached into my pocket and tapped the screen. One new message from an unknown number but as soon as I read it I knew who it was from…

It said… “I still have that leather chair you know”

Just someone I used to know, I think to myself again. It was the truth; Oscar was just someone I used to know, and yet it was a truth that right at this moment felt to me much more like a lie.


Because this piece of so dialogue heavy I thought maybe it might help to pick up some of the subtleties of that if I read you the piece…

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Indigo Byrd January 10, 2018 - 12:34 am

I enjoyed the story, but was fascinated to hear your voice. It’s another piece of the jigsaw. It seems incredible to me thinking about it that I’ve seen your face, your pussy and a number of other interesting pieces of you but until now I had no idea what you voice was like. It’s made me realise how important that is for me to feel a sense of someones personality and “vibe” when I’ve never met them in the flesh. So thanks Molly, I think I’m going to return the favour in a post sometime very soon.Indie xx

slave sindee January 10, 2018 - 5:09 am

love the pic something about knee hi socks and stripes
Thanks for the reading love your voice and sexy story

May More January 10, 2018 - 11:53 am

Excellent idea regarding the audio – and I want to know what comes next now – hopefully, there is another part?

Marie Rebelle January 10, 2018 - 5:28 pm

Wow, such a sex story and that last line… I love it!
And it’s so good to hear your voice again. Only 65 days and I will hear it in person again!

Rebel xox

Jo January 10, 2018 - 9:53 pm

That text at the end is killer! It says so much more than what it says. Oh, passionate filthy orgasmic things – they’re certainly nothing to shake a stick at, and many relationships come to a screeching halt because of them. This is a fun piece – and hot, too!

Posy Churchgate January 10, 2018 - 10:25 pm

Great story – I dont know how you make it carry so much sexiness in such a small wordcount!

Modesty Ablaze January 10, 2018 - 10:32 pm

Oooh . . . you’ve got me hooked with the “big leather chair” now !!!

Surely you can’t just leave it there . . . ???

Xxx – K

Cara Thereon January 13, 2018 - 5:28 pm

Makes one wonder what might happen after drinks. Those people that we used to know tend to crop up when you aren’t expecting them to

Sally January 18, 2018 - 10:26 pm

Fantastic Molly. Loved hearing the subtlety in your voice bringing the story to life from your lips rather than my mind.


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