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My nipples are sore at the moment. I know it caused by the ebb and flow of hormones but right now they are sore in a way that makes me very aware of them. During the day I find my hands sneaking up underneath my sweater to touch them or if I am wearing a bra grazing my finger nails across the fabric to send little shivers of sensation through me. At night I lay on bed and tug and pull on them until my cunt aches to be filled and my nipples feel raw and tender from my constant touch.

But what I really need is you, your hot mouth covering them, your cruel fingers twisting and pinching at them making me moan with need and longing as your touch sends little stabs of sharp pain through my body that ends up as a throbbing ache pooling between my thighs. I lean into your touch, searching for a brief moment of relief but all you do is twist a bit harder, pinch a bit tighter and you can see the need in my eyes. You know what I want, you know where it hurts and you are going to use that against me until I am literally begging for you to use your fingers elsewhere. I know I think my nipples are sore but I know it is nothing compared to what they would be if you had your chance.

For now though I have some clothes pegs and my own fingers and maybe someone can tell me a bed time story to help me get off…. to sleep!

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  • Malflic

    I miss them too. And besides my hands and mouth they may “need” pegs and clamps to “help” with your need.

    • Molly Moore

      Promises, promises *grins


      • Malflic

        That reply darling will certianly affect tonight’s bedtime story.

        • Molly Moore

          *wrinkles nose but keeps mouth shut

  • Jupiter Grant

    Lush! Very sensual words 👄

  • Naomi

    O god! That’s so.so sensuous! I found myself grazing my fingers across my own!

  • Kayla Lords

    First of all, love, love, LOVE the picture! And also, I both hate and love having sensitive nipples…the love is because I like being aware of them. Hate, because eventually it gets annoying, lol, especially when a certain someone decides to pinch them in the most sadistic way possible.

    And I saw a “promises, promises” comment…you, my friend, are SUCH a masochist, lol.

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