I want you to fuck me while I have a butt plug in my arse

by Molly Moore
Black and white of molly with legs open and on the bed in front of her hairy pussy is a blue glass butt plug

Another post in the I want series….

I want you to fuck me while I have a butt plug in my arse

I send you that message while you are out. Then follow up with a picture

Your reply

“Well best stop taking pictures of it and start wearing it then. I will be home in 30 minutes”

By the time you get back I am in the kitchen wearing a dress and cooking dinner. You leave your jacket on a chair in the dinning room and walk up behind me as I cut up salad. I look back over my shoulder at you. You are standing there watching me, rolling up the sleeves of your crisp white shirt. I grin up at you but you don’t return the smile. Your eyes lock onto mine and then flit down my body before returning to my face. I turn back to the counter and continue to make salad. Knowing you are standing right behind me sends a little shiver of apprehension through me.

I can feel your eyes on me. I resist the urge to look round again. Or move from right beneath you. Something to break the tension. Just as draw breath to speak you press up against me, slowly but firmly until I am pinned between you and the counter. You reach beneath my skirt, cool fingers trail up my thigh and across my butt, searching and finding the hard round base of the plug nestled between my arse cheeks.

Your let out a little growl and as you press on it you press your body tighter up against mine. Your mouth finding the delicate flesh of my neck, first with kisses and then with your teeth. My cunt feels heavy and thick between my thighs and I instinctively push back against you, offering myself to you. The need to be fuller than I am already am is almost overwhelming. I have been imaging it all day and now I need it. I want it… you.

Your hand moves from pressing the plug into me to the fly of your trousers. I step back from the counter slightly, spreading my legs, arching my back and gathering up my skirt round my waist. Your cock presses into me. I am slick with my own sticky juices but still the plug creates a tightness, a slight resistance but your hands find my hips and you draw me back onto your hardness as you push yourself into me. It makes you groan. I make you groan.

“Fuck, you are so tight” you say as you start to draw back and push into me again.

Those words make me moan. I want to hear you say them again. I want to hear you tell me how good I feel. How wet I am. What a dirty fucking wet desperate little bitch I am. How you are going to fuck yourself into me until you empty your balls in my cunt. How next time you will take the plug out and replace it with your cock.

“Tell me again” I plead

“So.      fucking.     Tight.” you slowly spit each word out at me in time with each thrust of your hips and I know you going to come before me and I don’t care. I want you to come. I want to know you came because I felt so good and tight and wet. I want you to fuck me while I have a butt plug in my arse, fill me full of your come and tell me how good it feels when you do.

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JerBear June 1, 2020 - 10:32 pm

Thanks for your contributions to masturbation Monday.

I have enjoyed your writing, your pics and your mind.

a mental switch June 2, 2020 - 6:36 am

mmmhh…this reminds me of something 🙂

Accidental Masturbator June 2, 2020 - 2:25 pm

I really should lay tissues over my keyboard before reading your posts. 😉

Julie June 2, 2020 - 5:04 pm

This is so so hot. Great to see you writing again xx

Kayla Lords June 4, 2020 - 4:51 pm

Before reading this, I would have said, “Sounds nice, not interested.” Now I’m thinking, “Maybe I want that, too!” Basically, this is fucking hot as hell. 🙂

Online Sex Toy Store June 5, 2020 - 2:45 pm

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Quinn Rhodes June 6, 2020 - 2:28 pm

I agree with Kayla – this is hot as hell. I think this might be my favourite from your ‘I want’ series so far? There’s something about the anticipation and the dominant orders via text and the words they say to each other while fucking that really work for me. And fuck, “dirty fucking wet desperate little bitch” gave me some very squirmy feels.

Molly Moore June 7, 2020 - 3:47 pm

“dirty fucking wet desperate little bitch” totally does it for me too…. I long to have those words whispered into my ear


Molly Moore February 22, 2023 - 5:37 pm

A butt Plug Story – I left it on the side, a suggestion you could say. One that he grab with skill and enthusiasm and used against me

Krystal May 10, 2023 - 1:26 am



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