Glass half full

by Molly Moore
Glass dildo in the bluebells

I love me a good list. If you could see my little desk I am surrounded by bits of papers and various notebooks, most of them contain some sort of list. There are shopping lists, lists of things that need doing for our summer holiday, lists of blog post ideas, lists of story ideas, lists of photograph idea…. you get the idea right? My blog is even testament to my love of lists, you can find one here and here and all these posts here. So as the prompt for Wicked Wednesday is lists I thought I would combine my love of a damn good list with one of my other loves….

10 Things about why glass dildos rock!

  1. They are hard. They do not give or bend at all. For some maybe that is a down side for but for me I love that rigidity, that dedicated stiffness to the task at hand. It also means that they can be angled to apply pressure to various spots easily.
  2. Even the ones with ribs or ridges still have a wonderful smoothness to them that when combined with their hardness means you can really feel them inside you.
  3. They come in every shape, size and increasingly colour that you could possibly image. There are big ones, small ones, thick ones, thin ones, ones that are just a completely smooth shaft and others with sculptured ridges and patterns. For the collector in me they are a delight.
  4. They rarely break and never wear out. In all the years I have had glass dildos I have only broken one and that because it was in the side pocket of my weekend bag and I accidently shut it in the car door. I will say though, that it proves they don’t shatter as when I took it out of its little velvet bag it was cleanly, and without a single shard of stray glass to be found, broken in half. I was very sad at the time as it was my first glass dildo I had owned and it was like the death of a very good friend who had given me numerous pleasurable moments and held many sexy memories for me.
  5. They are so easy to keep clean. Glass is completely non-porous which means that even if you don’t clean them the moment you have finished it they won’t stain, absorb smells or potential germs. I have heard that it possible to put them in the dishwasher, but I have never tried this. As a general rule I tend to take them in the shower with me and just use lots of hot water.
  6. Which leads perfectly onto reason No. 6. You can use them in the bath or the shower or even the pool of your local swingers club (if you have such a thing) . They are the ultimate water baby dildo and are very happy to endure complete submersion.
  7. Glass does not require a ton of lube. Use as much as you like but unlike silicone, the smallest drop of lube, or your own moisture for that matter, will go a long long way, creating a smooth slippery surface that will glide oh so perfectly into you. This also makes glass dildos ideal anal toys.
  8. Which is also why they make excellent anal toys too. The combination of their rigidity and their smooth slipperiness mean that those which are the right shape can also be used for anal play. Clearly certain shapes and sizes will adapt better than others but I find they are really easy to insert because of how slippery and smooth they are and we often use them a bit like a plug when he fucks me giving me the glorious sensation of having both my holes filled.
  9. Glass is a great conductor of heat which means that glass dildos are, apart from stone and metal, the only dildos that you can heat up and cool down. Run them under the hot tap for a few minutes and they will quickly absorb the heat which will feel deliciously warm against your skin. Alternatively put your glass dildo in the fridge or even the freezer* for a cold experience that will send shivers through your body and blood rushing into the area. (*run it under the cold tap before using it so that you don’t get freezer burn vulva/vagina!)
  10. And finally but for me one of the best things about glass dildos is their inherent beauty. They are like works of art. If I had the space I would get a little cabinet to display them in, they are just that beautiful and there is something so utterly decedent about fucking yourself with something that not only does the job perfectly but does it whilst looking beautiful. Oh and of course their stunning good looks also mean they make great subjects for photography.

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Marie Rebelle May 14, 2015 - 10:28 am

I am totally with you on this. Since I owned my first glass dildo some years ago, I didn’t want anything else. I love their smoothness, the hard glass, the way they touched those wonderful spots and how easy they are to clean. I agree with every one of your points above 🙂

Rebel xox

Mrs TeePot May 14, 2015 - 4:08 pm

I would love one but they’re a bit out of my price range at the moment. One day!

Cammies on the Floor May 14, 2015 - 4:47 pm

I love my glass dildo, even if he does keep it in a bucket of ice before he uses it on me. And I really like some of your lists, gives me a few writing ideas.

Misfiery May 15, 2015 - 11:30 pm

I love my collection also for the same reasons. They are just so beautiful and feel so luscious. Lists are so much fun.


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