The Belt!

by Molly Moore

29th July 2010

‘Put your hands on the wall. Higher, and palms flat’

As I had emerged from the bathroom you had been waiting, I had not heard you return and the sight of you sitting on the end of our bed made me startle. I smiled walked up to you, leaning forward and finding your lips with mine. As we kissed you had reached up and taken one of my wrists in your grasp and standing up you led me towards the wall beside the bed.

I am naked. I have just stepped out of the shower, my skin is still moist and my hair drips cool little pearls of water down my back. You reach out and trace one finger down my back, following the line of my spine all the way down to where it meets the fleshy curves of my bottom. My eyes are closed but I don’t need them to know what you are doing, the sound of you removing your belt is unmistakable. A shiver runs through me and I hear another sound, it is me, a quiet little moan flutters from my lips.

You move in close, your body is pressed up against mine and I can feel your breath on the back of my neck. Instinctively I push back against, my bottom grinding into your groin. You chuckle…. ‘Such a little slut!’  Then your hand is on my neck, holding me, my eyes remain closed as you trail your tongue down my neck and across the top of my shoulder. I gasp as you sink your teeth into my flesh and bite. The sting when you finally release me makes me cry out.

‘You know what comes next don’t you my pretty little slut?’

I glance round at you; you are standing beside me now, one shoulder resting on the wall, as you look down at me.

‘Yes Sir, but Sir, what have I done?’ I whisper back at you

‘Done? Why do you think you need to have DONE anything? Maybe there is something you want to tell me?

I shake my head in reply……

‘This is not about what you have done or not done my delicious Slutmine, this about my desire, my desire to use you in this way. You want to please me don’t you?

‘Yes Sir’ comes my breathless reply

Out of the corner of my eye I watch as, with a flick of the wrist, you curl the excess length of the belt around your hand. As you raise your arm I close my eyes again and bite down on my lip……..

To be continued……..


CLICK HERE for Part 2

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H.H. March 8, 2013 - 11:31 am

What a perfect picture! Lovely reading to go with it too.


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