Liebe Seele – Leather Split Tawse Paddle

by Molly Moore
Looking down at molly's bottom with red spank marks on it andLiebe Seele Leather Split Tawse Paddle

When the people at Liebe Seele got in touch me offering some products to review I will admit that I clicked on the link to their shop and instantly fell in love with what I saw there including the Liebe Seele Leather Paddle. I will wait a moment while you go and have a quick look at their site….

Back now?

So the next question that needs answering is, do their products live to expectations. Without a doubt they look absolutely phenomenal on their site but do they live up to that in person and maybe most importantly of all are they fit for the purpose they have been designed for?

Spoiler: I was NOT disappointed.

Liebe Seele sent me this item to review and there are affiliate links in this post. If you click on them you don’t pay any more but I get a little commission if you do decide to purchase something.

Meet the Liebe Seele Leather Split Tawse Paddle

Liebe Seele Leather Split Tawse Paddle stitching

No surprises here at all apart from to say that the Liebe Seele Leather Paddle is as beautiful and well made as it looks on their shop. It is a rich red wine colour double sided paddle. One side is a smooth solid stripe of stiff leather and the other has a split tawse effect with 5 tails. The handle has black sticking and it also comes with a leather strap which can be used for either hanging it up to store and or around your wrist whilst you play. There is also no doubt about what this paddle is made from either as when you open the packet the beautiful scent of leather fills the air.

First Impressions

The Liebe Seele Leather Split Tawse Paddle comes sealed in a simple plastic sleeve. Liebe Seele is a Japanese company and so all the labelling is in Japanese but if doesn’t matter and actually adds to the feel that this is a high quality item. Once out of the packet it is clear that this item is well made. The stitching is clean neat and the colour of the paddle is a deep rich wine red. The leather is beautifully smooth but very firm. There is not a huge amount of give to it. It is definitely not a floppy leather style paddle. It is stiff and rigid.

Making an Impression

There are two sides to this. No not as in two butt cheeks (although that did happen) but two points of view, that of the spanker and that of the spankee.

So let’s start with the Spankee:

This is definitely a paddle that you know about. Because it is firm and rigid it is not a very forgiving. Unless you are into starting off strongly I would say this is an item that you want to build up intensity with or even lay some ground work with some spanking beforehand. You can definitely use this paddle in a variety of different levels so if you like lots of light strokes or something more intense this paddle will deliver that. We tried out both sides and it was not easy to tell them apart just from feel but eventually I decided that the flat side seemed to be a bit more stingy than the tawse side. As you can see from the picture it left a lovely red blush to the skin but we didn’t use it hard enough to bruise but you absolutely definitely could.

And now the Spanker:

It is a lovely paddle to hold and handle. It delivers a lovely slap along with a very satisfying leather against skin noise. It feels like a quality bit of kit. The only down side is if you have very small hands I found the handle part quite wide but the other person who tried it who has larger hands said that it sat is well in their grasp and they didn’t have an issue with it. It is not that heavy either and so could easily be packed in a weekend bag if you were going away without any problem at all. Quite frankly you could probably fit it in a larger sized handbag.

Value for Money

Liebe Seele Leather Split Tawse Paddle

Currently this item is $29.95 which is roughly £22.00. £22.00 for a double sided dark red leather paddle is an absolute bargain in my opinion. Compare that to the price of something similar that is no where near as beautiful and maybe not even real leather on various other big main stream retailers sites and I think you will see what a great price that is for such a high quality item.

Who is the Liebe Seele Leather Paddle for?

Anyone who like sting type impact play
Anyone looking for a first paddle that will allow for exploration from light to harder touches
Anyone looking to add a new paddle with two different sides to their collection
Anyone looking to buy a paddle that comes with matching other items that you could collect
Anyone who like leather impact toys

Who is the Liebe Seele Leather Paddle not for?

Anyone who likes heavy thuddy toys
Anyone who is Vegan
Anyone who is going to be the one holding it who has very small hands


If you are looking for your first bit of impact play kit. Something that you can use in a variety of different ways to experience different levels of impact then you are not going to go wrong with the beautiful Liebe Seele Leather Paddle. Or if you are just looking to add something beautiful and new to your already existing collection. This is definitely worth the money and it is absolutely as beautiful in real life as it is in person.

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