by Molly Moore
Vampire gloves

December 20th 2010

I buried my face in the pillow as the belt wrapped its self round my arse and thighs, again and again, the cool hard leather cracked across my tender flesh, my ever-increasing cry’s muffled within the pillow…..

A pause in the rhythm gives me a moment to catch my breath, I glance back over my shoulder at you, the belt is wound round your fist, the tail now hanging limp by your side, but your cock stands proud and hard. My eyes travel up your body, my flushed and tear-stained face now looking up at you seems to jolt you back into action and instantly you are upon me.

Dragging me further up the bed by my hair you push me hard down and use your legs to spread my thighs, without hesitation you cover my body with yours and thrust your cock deep into my pussy.

“Ahhhh so wet Slutmine, all ready for me it would seem” and as you start to fuck me you say “now you better cum on my cock your dirty bitch, you are going to make it nice and wet for me so I can take your arse next”

All you hear in reply is a whimpered moan but on your cock you can feel my pussy start to tighten and pulse….

“That’s it bitch, cum for me now” you growl at me

For a moment you pause with your cock buried deep inside me and savour the feeling of my pussy clenching and dancing around you but as my orgasm start to subside you let your cock slip from within. As your hand grasps at my buttocks I reminded of the belt, the tender bruised flesh, crying out beneath for fingers. As I feel the head of your cock pressing up against my arse I start to fight and struggle, for a moment I am scared, my arse is tight and unused, it has been 4 long months since you have taken me. I thrash and call out to you….

“No!” I growl “Not like this”

But you ignore me, with one hand on the back of my neck you hold me tightly against the bed as you push your hard cock into my arse. I thrash and fight beneath you but my struggle is no match for your superior strength and determination and you continue to push into me until you eventually fill me. Pressing your whole body weight down onto mine you slowly but firmly fuck my arse, the wetness from my pussy has provided enough lube for you to take me with relative ease, and all I can do is surrender to you and soon my fight turns to compliance and then a sluttish need for more. My back arches instinctively, welcoming you into me, my fingers grip the sheets and my growls turn to moans as my pussy starts to throb again.

“That’s it my dirty little girl, show me how much you want this” you whisper into my ear

“I am going to fill your arse with my cum, and then push the plug in you, you haven’t forgotten my plans for today have you”

It is at that moment that my orgasm erupts, I know I am meant to answer but words are beyond me now. As my arse tightens around your cock you explode inside me, burying yourself into my hot arse and filling me with your cum.

Reaching over to the bedside table you rummage through and find the stainless steel jewelled plug, slowly you let your cock slide from within me and then replace it with the cool hard plug. I am slumped face down on the bed, breathless and spent, by what has just gone before. Standing at the side of the bed you watch me momentarily, your slut, used, laid out before you, your marks across her arse, you sigh with contentment and then bring your hand down sharply onto my still sore arse.

“Come on Slutmine, no laying there, get up and get dressed, we are going to Erotica”


One of the things we did in London while He was visiting was to go the Erotica exhibition at London’s Olympia centre. It is London’s biggest exhibition hall and for those of you who don’t know it, Erotica is London’s largest annual sex fair where all sort of company’s come together to show off their sex related items and services. You can pretty much find anything from Anal toys to Zip up adult baby clothes and everything else in between.

This was my 2nd visit to Erotica; I went last year with some friends, but my 1st visit with Him. Last year the show was somewhat depleted with numbers, seems even the recession had hit sex too, but this year there were more stands and many more attendees than last year. The place had a really good buzz about it, and this year’s theme was Burlesque, with a guest appearance by Ditta Von Tease.

I had come to the show intending to find His birthday present and I knew just what I was looking for. Back in the summer whilst in Philadelphia I had seen a pair of vampire gloves and I had nearly bought them for Him then, but to be honest I had chickened out. They looked so….mean, vicious even, and I knew if I bought them he would use them on me and so my fear had got the better of me and I had walked away from them.

Not this time, this time I was determined to overcome my fears and buy them but of course it was not to be as easy as that. There seemed to be everything for sale here from cages and ropes to whips and collars but could I see a pair of vampire gloves anywhere? Could I buggery?….. It seemed that I was going to have to rethink, but then just when I had given up hope we returned to one of the leather stalls we had visited when we first came in, to look at their floggers, and there nestled away in the corner I spotted them.

Vampire gloves

For a moment it was back, the fear, the apprehension, dancing around in my brain….Did I really want this, could I even admit to myself that I wanted to know what it was like, let alone to him. Of course he saw me, dithering and thinking and wanted to know what had caught my eye. I showed Him and explained that I was going to buy them as His birthday present but had chickened out before but that now they were right here in front of me.

“So why the hesitation Slutmine”

“Well Sir, I am, I’m, I guess I am nervous”

Taking the gloves from my hand he held them up and inspected them, running his fingers over the share little points and then holding them out to me he said….

“Are you scared Slutmine?”

“Yes Sir” I repliedVampire gloves

“Good, they are the perfect present then” and handing them back to me he said….

“Buy them”

And so I did. In the car on the way home he put them on and wrapped his hand first around my neck and then later on pulled down my top and played with my tit, grazing and scratching at my nipple until I was squirming and wriggling beneath his touch. However I had to wait until we got to Paris to really find out what it felt like to spend time with Him and the vampire gloves, and that, my dear reader, is an experience that warrants a whole blog post to itself……..


Ps… I never did wear the plug to Erotica, no matter how hard I tried it kept slipping out. In the end I was directed to remove my panties and hitch my dress up to an appropriate height, or is the inappropriate height. It was a very sluttish feeling to go out like that with his cum leaking out of me.

Pps….He also bought a new crop/whip which has an evil little sting in its tail and I bought myself a sexy underbust corset.

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LambChop December 24, 2010 - 12:02 pm

Perfectly hot, and I can’t wait to read the post about the (yes, scary!) gloves!

Livi December 26, 2010 - 1:41 am

Firstly hot damn!

Secondly: so jealous you got to go to erotica! I want a man with vampire gloves to play with me! *sulks*

Nr._47 December 28, 2010 - 3:20 pm

Thank your for the advice! The girl is very happy about the vampire gloves – …and me too!
You’ve tried them out already? Liked it?


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