A Shameless Plug

by Molly Moore
Jewel butt plug in bottom

Way back in 2010 I wrote a post about how one of my tasks that he has set me was to wear my butt plug every day. At the time we were in a long distance relationship and I wrote about how even though I loved wearing the plug I still seemed to have trouble sticking to his rules and doing it every day. Since publishing that post it has consistently remained my most read post of all time (apart from the Pussy Pride Project) and most of the traffic is the result of people searching for things like “wearing butt plug all day” “Wearing butt plug out of the house” and other variations on this theme.

It would seem from the rather large amount of traffic that comes my way as a result of those search terms that people are looking for answers on this subject and so (after much nagging by @domsigns) I have decided to write a follow-up post giving some hints and tips on the subject.

  1. Invest in a good butt plug that is the right shape for the job.

You want to be able to wear it out and about and/or for some period of time so want to know it is there, you want that feeling of fullness and tightness and not the constant feeling that it is about to drop out of you. Buy a plug with a bulbous head and a narrow stem. The size of the head will depend on you but I would recommend starting with something not to big and gradually work up to something larger but that does depend on how experienced with anal play you are.

  1. Material and weight

In my experience I have found the best type of plug for this job are the metal or glass ones, although I have not yet found a glass one with a slim enough stem to really work well. Stainless steel is completely non porous and with just a little bit lube becomes beautifully smooth and slippery and stays that way. The weight of the plug also depends on you but you do want it to have a bit of weight to help give you something to hold onto but not too heavy that it causes a dragging feeling as that will limit the comfort and shorten the amount of time you are OK with wearing it.

  1. Lube

Get plenty on the plug as you want it to stay nice and slippery when it is inside you, which is why metal plugs are excellent too as the lube sits on the surface and does not dry out. Use plenty to get the plug in, but my top tip on this bit is that I tend to get some toilet paper and wipe up the excess that is left on the outside once the plug is in otherwise I find it gets kind of sticky and annoying and detracts from the pleasure of wearing the plug.

  1. Build up the length of time you wear it

Don’t expect to pop it in and head off to work wearing it on the first day. You will need to give your body a little bit of time to get used to the feeling. The first time you try wearing it try to aim for about 20 minutes. It should feel good, comfortable, sexy, if it doesn’t then take it out and try again another time. Gradually build up the amount of time you wear it for, but even once you have gotten used it to don’t be surprised if sometimes your body just does not want to play which leads me onto the next point….

  1. Listen to your body

If you body is telling you something is wrong then listen to it and stop. I find that if I wear the for too long then I will start to get a slight ache in my lower back. Also be aware of subtle signs that your body has had enough, such as headache and slight cramping. I have found on occasion that it can be absolutely fine one moment and then my body flicks the ‘too much’ switch and revolts the next. However the more you experienced you become the better you will be at knowing your body’s limits and judging things just right but even then there will be times when you put it in and your body will tell you ‘not today’ listen to that and try again another day.

  1. Going to the toilet

So this is a question I have been asked more times than I care to mention. Clearly if you need a poo then I think it is pretty obvious that you are going to have to take the plug out. In fact on that note, only attempt to wear a plug after you have been to the toilet and emptied your bowls. Trust me, any other way is a recipe for a very uncomfortable stomach ache.

When it comes to having a pee, there is as a general rule no need to remove the plug, however, the plug clearly fills up space in the area and it is possible that it might make actually having a pee a little tricky. If that is the case then clearly you will need to remove it but I don’t tend to have a problem and so just leave it in.

  1. It is meant to make you feel sexy

Wearing a plug, whether it be around the house or out and about is meant to be fun and sexy. It should be a turn on for you and your body should respond with lovely horny feelings. It should be comfortable, never painful, but not so comfortable that you do not know it is there. After all one can assume you are doing it for the stimulation. Every time you move it should it should remind you that it is there and that you have a deliciously wicked secret party taking place in your pants and of course if you have a partner, then not only does it feel sexy for you, but you look damn sexy to them.

Jewel butt plug in bottomWicked Wednesday badge

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Ann St. Vincent October 1, 2015 - 2:22 am

Thanks for this Molly! I don’t think I have right size plug to wear for much longer than during sex – it has a very wide base which makes it good for not disappearing inside but it’s uncomfortable at the base. I’d love to have one of those jewelled ones so perhaps will get something nicer.

Cammies on the Floor October 1, 2015 - 10:46 am

Great advice

Marie Rebelle October 1, 2015 - 2:47 pm

Great advice here! Good thing you’ve listened to @Dom_Signs 😉

Rebel xox

K.C. Cave October 10, 2015 - 11:04 pm

Great advice. When I don’t have time to masturbate in the morning, I’ll insert a (glass) butt plug. It’s a constant, sexy reminder of a promise I made to myself for later in the day!

Cleo March 14, 2016 - 1:47 pm

I do my best to wear my buttplug for 20 hours a day, every day. I’ve worn it in just about every public setting imaginable. I consider it part of my lifestyle, along with a waxed, pierced pussy and complete absence of underwear.
When I first met my husband 25 years ago, he shaved my pussy after we’d been dating a couple weeks, and insisted on no underwear on date night. I was so turned on by this man and his insistence on making me feel so desirable, I gladly participated. I was apprehensive about carrying my new found sexuality into the work place, but within a couple months I found myself with an empty underwear drawer, a daily morning enema and a plug in my bottom before I walked out the door to work each day.
Now I feel empty without it, and can’t fall asleep if it’s not inside me.

Foxy200 November 24, 2016 - 2:52 am

Hi Molly,i’m thinking to buy a ”Twisted gem” plug from Edenfantasys,what you think about it? its a good one or not,maybe you can told me any suggestions . I’m begginer

Molly Moore November 24, 2016 - 11:06 am

Hi Foxy

I wouldn’t buy that one to be honest. It does not say what it is made off. I am assuming you are in the USA, if so I would recommend this from She Vibe http://www.shevibe.com/fifty-shades-darker-beyond-erotic-steel-butt-plug.aspx


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