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Hook, Line and Spanker

Molly with anal hook and spanked bottom
  • Molly Moore - Author, Blogger, Photographer, Speaker, Director of Operations @Eroticon Find me in my corner of the internet at Molly's Daily Kiss and on Twitter @mollysdailykiss

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  • hubman

    I love it!!

  • SassyCat

    Owwwwie! Anal hooks terrify me. Probably because I really know nothing about them other than what I see and what I see scares me. Does that make sense? 🙂

  • Malflic

    Nice combination of things! I bought an anal hook with a double ball end recently but have yet to put it to use.

  • Jade

    (grin) You guys playing with anal hooks too, eh?

    Lovely image!

  • Beauty’s Punishment

    Ow Molly, that’s not for me. It’s bad enough the Jolynn is the Queen of butt sex.

  • Åsa Winter

    We’re yet to get one, but each time I find a photo with one it makes me wiggle in my chair. So lovely.

    Åsa x

  • SilverDomUK

    Wow! Just Wow! That shot is amazing in so many ways.

  • Justarandomscot

    Delightfully done 🙂

  • cammies on the floor

    I’ve always been curious about anal hooks. Your picture had me thinking “oh I definitely need to try this now!” Hot!

  • bigbuttbbw

    Oooooh how completely delicious! Lucky lucky girl.

  • HappyComeLucky

    I love this picture. I adore the whole idea of anal hooks and this picture is so perfect with the view of you, the toys ans the stunning decoration of your cheeks.

  • HappyComeLucky

    That’s weird. I commented but it disappeared. I’ll try again.

    I love this picture. I have a fascination with anal hooks and this picture is just perfect. You with the toys and the delicious decoration on your cheeks. A wonderful sight.

  • Marie Rebelle

    And in this case the photo tells a story worth more than a 1000 words 😉

    Rebel xox

  • KaziG

    Wow, what a combination! That hook has me squirming…

    ~Kazi xxx

  • sub-Bee

    We have a hook on our wish list and seeing this is making me try to push it closer to the top!

  • Beck

    I have a hook, but I never thought to attach it to my collar. I use rope with mine. Great shot with lovely marks.

  • I love the play on words, but most of all….wow, I love that picture! Suddenly I have the urge to dig out our hook. I have some new vampire gloves to test too…Oh the ideas I have. Perfect image as always Molly. x

  • Penny

    What a sexy capture! The red on your lovely ass & that hook….it’s oh so hot!!

  • kinkybikermom

    Holy cow your brave!! I am so terrified to have one of these in my bum! beautiful photo

  • Mia Sinclair

    I really much get around to getting a hook! This image says everything that needs to be said!

    ~Mia~ xx

    • Mia Sinclair

      “much”!!!! I mean “must”!!! Doh!

  • Cara Sutra

    So sexy. Gives me bad ideas about hand spanking you on top of those bloodied pin pricks.
    Lovely 😉

  • mariasibylla

    This gives me shivers! (Very lovely view).

  • Heaven

    Yes the title does say it all. Looks like you had a good time and you have some lovely marks to show you did.

  • Blacksilk

    Such a good picture with such an amazing title! I must really try an anal hook one day. I do love metal.

  • Jack (and Jill)

    A sexy, evocative shot, as always – and we love the title!

  • John

    Oh .. that hook is delightful 😉

  • ThatPosition

    wow! what a picture! love your backside Molly

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