Trolling the Net #35

by Molly Moore
qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

It has been a while I know but I am back with the Trolling the Net #35 for you all to enjoy

1. This made me cry. I will happily confess that I had the real life pleasure of Hy’s company a couple of weekends ago at Eroticon but regardless of how well you know her this post will wrench at your heart-strings as you she leads through a joy, passion, friendship, acceptance and the terrible grief that comes from having to leaving. London Crows and London Kisses

2. In case you are not already aware one of the other sites I run is the Anonymous Blog where people can submit their writing completely anonymously using the form. It is completely untraceable. There is no tracking and I have no idea who you are if you submit something. Sometimes months and months go by with nothing and then out of the blue a post will appear. However last week no less than 5 pieces have been submitted. There is the man confessing to his fetish for wearing women’s underwear. Should he tell his partner? The woman whose partner says there is something wrong with her because she does not come from penetration alone. A piece about the pain of being both cheated on and being the cheater, a women expressing the anger and sadness at finding herself in a unfulfilling relationship and a bittersweet goodbye. Do check them out, they are all very different and of course if you have something you want to share, use the submission form and as the tag line says; Anonymous, Where only you know who you are.

3. Is sex your drug of choice? If I am being absolutely honest that answer would have to be yes and like Abbie writes in her piece, The Cure and The Cause, on the subject I have certainly indulged in it in exactly the same way she has and yes, with people I probably shouldn’t have as well. Things have changed for me though and now I get my fix from a reliable source along with a new delicious drug called kink.

4. Ever flown with sex toys in your carry on? How about a male chastity device? Well Drew did and set the TSA’s machines and I think one of their employees minds all a flutter. I love this story so much. TSA Outing by The Drew Duality

5. Do you like tentacle porn? Yes, no, maybe…. either way check out this fascinating little video that charts the history of Tentacle Porn. It is older than you think…


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dave June 17, 2016 - 1:20 am

Kink is definitely my drug of choice. Thanks for sharing your great collection of links again!


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