I found an Igloo

by Molly Moore
Igloo on field with man in coat standing with his back to the camera next to it and bright blue skies above it

I have a list of potential Scavenger Hunt locations but every now and then the world just presents an opportunity for a new location. I can’t say I ever thought Igloo would be one of them but turns out….

It is the shortest month of the year which also means it is the return of my annual photography meme; February Photofest. If you are a blogger and want to join in then head over to the FebPhotoFest page to find out exactly how you can do that. Everyone else, you should also pop over to that page too as there is where you will find links to all the other bloggers who are joining in with an image post every day for the month of February

So how to start this month long project? I think the answer to that is with a fabulous Scavenger Hunt post that I am fairly sure is at a location that no one else has ever done before. In fact I don’t even think it is on the list so I hope Bee approves it.

Before Christmas we had a lot of snow. Proper thick white stuff that covered everything in sight for days and days. It was bloody freezing but also utterly magical. Of course as dog owners just staying indoors is not an option. Walks have to happen. One of them resulted in this image, Snow Day, that I already posted but another one of those walks we discovered that someone had built an amazing Igloo on the nearby fields.

As we walked up onto the field I seriously could not believe my eyes at the amazing structure that greeted us. It was the most amazing sunny day and the sky was the deep blue that you only really get in winter and it truly looked liked we had walked onto the set of a movie or something

As we got closer we realised someone had spent hours and hours of making this igloo. It had a proper little tunnelled opening that opened out into a domed roofed room. That walls were thick and strong and inside someone had placed plastic crates to act as chairs and you could see where someone had also had a fire in it. I took the picture above with Michael next to it to try to give some context to how big thing was.

At first we wandered round it and inside it and I took a couple of pictures. To be honest we had just started to walk away when I realised it would make the most amazing Scavenger Hunt location. However this is popular field for people to walk their dogs on and so stripping off completely was just not on the cards and it was all too open. So a cheeky flash was gonna have to do.

Molly standing in doorway of Igloo with her pants pulled down showing her bum
Scavenger hunt blog badge
February Photo Fest 2023

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Kenneth Benoit aka Benke February 1, 2023 - 6:09 pm

Hi there. The igloo looks like a lovely place to hang out, build a fire and get naked. Oh…and thanks for the flash.

Bee February 5, 2023 - 9:51 am

Well of course you just happened to stumble across an igloo *laughs

Swing all - FebPhotofest Day 5 - Molly's Daily Kiss February 5, 2024 - 3:47 pm

[…] We walk across this field a lot. Unlike a lot of the fields near us that turn to mud in the winter this one is fairly walkable no matter what the season and has actually been the site of a previous Scavenger Hunt as it was where I found an Igloo. […]


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