A Moment Lost

By on April 13, 2011.

13th April 2011

The water is hot; it cascades over my body washing away the tears. I have cum for Him and now he is on his way to work and I am alone. For a moment I stand and let the water envelop me in its hot embrace, soothing my raw emotions with its cleansing breath.

He is thousands of miles from me, a vast ocean of water flows between us and yet if I close my eyes I can picture him here in the shower with me. His soapy hands running over my body as he traces the outline of the bruises he has left on me. His touch is slow, exploratory, and in sharp contrast to his earlier abuse of me which had been urgent and rough.

Sighing I lean back against him and he wraps me in his arms. The only sound is the constant splashing of the water against our entwined bodies. Β I want to stay here forever, in this moment with Him, no words, just touch. As the water flows around us I can feel the connection between us flowing back and forth.

I need him inside me again now and wriggling from his embrace I sink to my knees in front of him. Looking up at him I silently ask for permission with my eyes, he replies by pushing the shower head down so the water sprays onto me back rather than in my face. I take his flaccid cock into my mouth, my lips tighten around the base of his cock, the heat of my greedy little mouth bring his cock to life inside me.

All thoughts of being clean are gone from my mind now, I am a dirty little cum slut, wanton with lust for Him and all I can think of is getting his cum from inside of him to inside of me. My hands massage his balls as I work my mouth up and down his now rigid cock and the sound of his groans fill the steamy atmosphere of the room. All that exists for me is this moment, I am fuelled by desire to taste his seed on my tongue and……

The sound of the phone ringing brings me back to the here and now with a thud, in an instant I am alone again, he is gone, back to His side of the world and it’s not only my mouth that suddenly feels empty. Hurrying from the comfort of the water I draw a towel around my body and sliding the bolt back from the bathroom door I walk from the room leaving my hot and steamy memories behind me….. For now.


Ps… This weeks post has been inspired by the writing prompt #bolt. Don’t forget to check out who else is Wanton and Wanking this Wednesday


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  1. Nice image Molly – did you have any issues with your lens steaming up in there?

    I was ready to get stuck into some work before. Now that I’ve read this I would rather go do something about the ache between my legs.

    • I set the camera up all ready before turning the shower on, the moment there was a bit of steam I set the timer and jumped into the shower…. it took 3 shots and that was one of them, a fluke I think… LOL. Enjoy the ache πŸ˜‰


  2. We know how you felt here… My job often takes me away from home, sometimes a day here and there, sometimes a couple of weeks and few times a few months.

    Being apart is hell for us, but the home commings… Oh my GOD the home cummings!

  3. Brings back the bittersweet moments we all have – sometimes soulmate and I go for days without being together, but it’s so wonderful when we touch again…

  4. Lovely to read, Molly. Your words just speak volumes and I can feel that you miss Him. God knows, I have so much moments like this. And the guy I love isn’t even with me…

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