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The eyes have it

3rd July 2011

I love being watched but I also love to watch.

I first discovered my love of being watched during my foray into swinging. There is nothing quite like sucking cock in front of a whole load of people to really make my slutty nature sing and if I happen to over-hear them talking about me at the same time then even better. The feel of their eyes on me as I suck, or am fucked, makes my whole body tingle. Part of me wants to look away in shame, wants to cover up and hide and the other part wants to bask in their attention. I can feel the flush of heat rising to my face as I catch their eye, embarrassment at the thought of what I am doing crashing up against the dirty bad girl who just wants to show them that she can do it better, dirtier, more and more. So you see there is just something deliciously dirty about the whole thing that feeds the filthy whore within me.

Then there is watching and this comes in all types of different disguises. I am a very visual person; a picture is worth a 1000 words is the saying, I think, and I really do hold with that. Don’t get me wrong, words are, and can be, incredibly powerful but an image can tell you a whole story in just glance. I have been a keen consumer of porn for most of my adult life, both pictures and videos, but that is only half the story. Swinging also taught me that I love to watch. Do you know how incredibly horny it is to stand in a room and watch another couple or couples fucking? Just typing that makes my pulse quicken and for some reason if I am fully dressed whilst I watch that is even more of a buzz but this nothing compared to being the secret voyeur, peeking through a window or the crack in a door, all of that seems to feed the naughty little girl in me. The one who knows she shouldn’t be looking but can’t help herself and if you asked her if she was turned on would vehemently deny it, whilst secretly wriggling around in her own slick juices.

I took this picture yesterday and it prompted me to write this. It appeals to both side of me; it is me and I know you are watching, looking at me, maybe commenting on what a bad girl I am but it also has a wonderful voyeuristic quality to it, as if I am the watcher, peeking in on the slut and taking her picture without her knowing. So which are you, the watcher or the watched?


Ps… Are you feeling a little Sinful this Sunday?


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  • Jezzy

    I too, am both. Beautiful picture.

  • DDD

    I love this photo.
    So summer. So sultry.
    So Molly;-)

  • KaziGrrl

    I am much more the watcher than to be watched 🙂

    That pic is the essence of summer, lying on your back staring at the wonder of the sky above 🙂

  • Curvaceous Dee

    Right there with you! I love being watched. But watching … that’s hot as well 🙂

    xx Dee

  • Ali

    I enjoy being watched more i think, especially when I pretend that I don;t KNOW I’m being watched. 🙂

    Beautiful picture Molly

  • Kitty

    It depends on my mood. But I think i’m more of a watcher *giggles*

  • Jennifer

    Very much both! Great post x

  • loves2lick

    Very nice picture.

  • Clive

    Hmmm, well I am undoubtedly both Molly, the watched yes, that is very titilating, and the watcher, well, yes, strangely i am now squirming around in my own juices (using Molly speak of course :). Love the image and the abandoned ‘come and get me pose’:)

  • V

    Hmmmm… I love being watched & I love watching the things he does to ME ;-). Does that count as “watching”?
    Xxxxx thinking of you & him while I’m on holiday! Hehe

    • mollyskiss

      I think that definitely counts as watching, you dirty perve…LOL


  • NIHH

    Fab post, I love to be watched too

  • Dangerous Lilly

    That is a really great photo. And I have to admit that I prefer being the voyeur these days to the exhibitionist. And man do I really love watching.

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