Red Hot!

By on October 19, 2011.

19th October 2011

So what do you do on a lovely sunny autumn afternoon with new red underwear, a red crochet shawl, stockings with red lace tops and a red car?

Well…. you go scavenger hunting on the bonnet of your car

And just to prove it is not a quiet road along comes a double-decker bus….a RED double-decker bus at that!

and there are red flowers…

and red leaves…

but for once no red arse….although after this little tease it didn’t stay that way for very long!


Ps…Although this is not already on the Scavenger Hunt list of destination I am pretty sure that Dee will let me have this one I mean surely car bonnet should be a standard public nudity location, right? If so, then this is location No. 10 for me and gets me my gold badge.

Pps…And what better day to post this on than wonderful Wanton Wednesday!


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  1. A well deserved ’10’ too – great photos and very bravely done Molly. Those on the upper deck of the bus must have got their moneys worth!! Iwonder if any of them were long sighted enough?

  2. Good golly Ms. Molly or near words to affect
    Was it you that I spotted from bus upper deck?
    A warm autumn Wednesday, and far from cold
    But sunning in one’s undies, quite awfully bold
    To see you so wanton brought a blush to my face
    Resplendent, recumbent, in stockings and lace
    And a red crocheted shawl was all that did hide
    Your beautiful body from our double-decked ride
    And I just couldn’t help it and stared from a far
    You draped over bonnet of that red Rover car
    You are quite a devil, to tantalise and to tease
    Contrasting pale flesh with red flowers and leaves
    But this just will not do! Something’s cannot pass!
    So it’s over the knee, with a firm hand to your arse
    And I won’t stop spanking till you promise to say
    We’ll see more Red Hot Molly next Wanton Wednesday

  3. Ooooo… all done in my favourite colour too! Lovely pics and kudoes for the bravery! I should certainly say that counts 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. Now tell us the truth, did you go scrambling for cover as the bus passed by? Or did you stay put and get stared at?

    You’re pretty gutsy. I’m thinking you stayed put. You look amazing, so I bet they all stared. I know I would!!!

  5. I wish I was as brave as you. I’m working on it and maybe someday will get there. I love the pics. They make me smile. Thanks!

  6. Saucy Molly, all in red! I envy your beautiful underwear in the pictures, wish I could pull that off myself!

  7. I really like the 4th picture with the red leaves in the background, they really help bring out your skin tone and body shape. Very nice pictures, I wish I was this daring at times. Also like your stockings, where did you get them from =)

  8. Congratulations! Given you’re not just leaning on the car as it sits in the driveway, this definitely makes number #10, and GOLD! *does a happy dance*

    I think that if/when anyone makes it to twenty, we’ll revisit a new badge of amazingness…

    xx Dee

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