By on December 7, 2011.

7th December 2011

Hopefully you remember I was the proud winner of the October competition on the Erotic Meet site with my entry ‘A Frightened Heart’ but I bet you don’t remember what my prize was do you? That is apart from a small handful of you who also entered the competition dreaming of a hot date with Fireman Sam….

At first glance things looked really promising…


At second glance, things looked slightly worrying…


And at Third glance things looked decidedly alarming


However I was not to put off and offered to help Sam to get ready for our date. It was at this point that I noticed that Sam was sporting some very serious chest hair…


But that he indulges in some SERIOUS manscaping in other areas. Must have been some pricey treatment too as not a teeny tiny pin prick of hair could be seen at all, and I looked very closely…


Finally Sam was ready and it was time for us to make our formal introductions…

Male blow up sex doll


Firstly we went for a little stroll in order to get to know each other better…

Fireman blow up sex doll


After a little negotiation…

blow up sex doll with penis


And Sam had visited the little Fireman’s room…

male blow up sex doll in the toilet


We decided to go for a drive together…

Blow up fireman toy for hen nights


When we got back Sam was feeling a little deflated…

Blow up sex doll


But you just can’t keep a good fireman down and soon we back on course…

In bed with blow up sex doll


and so it was time…

being fucked by a male blow up sex doll


But to be honest Sam just doesn’t have the rigidity required and so in the end we settled on reading a good book…

Male blow up fireman sex doll



Ps… A great big thank you to Sex for donating Fireman Sam to the Erotic Meet site. We had a lot of fun together but right now Sam is back in his box waiting for his next hot date and I am wondering if maybe it could be you? If you write a blog of your own and like to post pictures and would be interested in a date with Sam then let me know as I am thinking if sending him off on a tour of duty around the globe. If you agree to a date with Sam then part of the agreement is that you post him onto the next person on the list. I will manage the list and make sure that no one has to post Sam overly far afield. So if you are interested then leave a comment below or send me an email at and lets see just how far round the world we can get Sam.

Pps… It is Wanton Wednesday, click the icon below to find out who else is feeling the urge this week.

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  1. This post was just plain awesome. Very sorry Sam couldn’t cut it when the end of the date came, but otherwise it looks like you had a fantastic time.

  2. Maybe I’m missing who the star of the show is meant to be here, but I’ve got to say: my God! You in those shorts and boots! I think Sam better get here quick before the sudden heat in here starts a blaze!

    So, yeah, you look hot in that.

    Crush is rather dubious about hosting Sam, but I’m sure he could cope, so we’re willing to have him on the tour if you’d like. I’m already thinking of ideas!


  3. I wonder how Fireman Sam would fare seeing an Australian Mistress. I suspect Wartenberg wheels MAY be a hard limit…

  4. Oh. My. This just cracked me up!!
    Do you think a New England winter might make him rock hard??
    I would be happy to host Sam here, have a slew of ideas… 😉

    ~Kazi xxx

  5. This was just what I needed to read and see after my day today. Thank you so very much!! I wouldn’t mind hosting Sam here in the South, but I’m not sure I could compete with Dee, Blacksilk and Kazi. 🙂

    ML xxx

  6. Molls, you ROCK!!!! Sitting in KL airport, bored out of consciousness… THIS is just what I needed.

    xxx Miss u babes

  7. This is wonderful!!
    It will be nice to follow Sam in his travels and experiences.
    Would love to have him for a visit, put me on that list 🙂


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