A Room With A View

by Molly Moore

10th August 2010

“Oh Sir, look, it has finally stopped raining, in fact, I think I can even see sunshine.”


Slipping out from under the bed covers I pulled the curtains back and let the mid morning light pour into my room. For a moment I just stood there, enjoying the blue sky, it made such a lovely change from the dull greyness of late.

“God, you look gorgeous standing there” He said.

He’s words draw me back to the bed and I nestle back under the covers, looking up at him and smiling, but his focus was no longer on me. He is looking past me at the window. I couldn’t help but glance back over my shoulder to try to see what it was that had caught his attention but all I couldn’t see was the light filled window.

“Go back there, go back and stand in front of the window again.” He commands

Approaching the window I can see a couple strolling up the road and for a moment I hesitate, hovering in the shadows just out of view.

“Now Slutmine, no stalling”

I feel my heart flutter and I close my eyes momentarily as I step up into the sunlight. Taking a deep breath I open my eyes, the couple have passed up the street, for now I am safe.

“Touch yourself for me, tell me, are you wet?” He asks.

I don’t need to touch to find the answer to this question, my body has already started to respond, but I reach down and let my fingers glide over my shaven mound and between the folds of my sex.

“Yes sir” I reply

“Good, now rub that cute little clit of yours for me”

My hands are shaking slightly, I can’t take my eyes from the road, darting back and forth checking each side of the road, my heart is starting to race now, I can’t believe I am doing this, standing here naked, and wet and touching myself, anyone of the drivers passing below to could glance up and see. All of sudden the bus is there, slowing, stopping and without a moment’s thought I step to one side back into the shadow.

“Did I say you could move?”

“No Sir, but Sir the bus, please Sir?”

I look back across the room at him, my eyes pleading, but I can see from his smile that he’s not finished yet.

“Where’s the glass Slutmine?”

I point to the bed; it is laying there where I had placed it earlier in the hope that he would reward me today.

“What you waiting for Slutmine? Now stand in front of the window and make yourself cum with the glass, and don’t move from that spot till you have”

A shiver runs up my spine as I reach for the glass and turn back to my place in front of the window. I am turned on beyond belief and I let out a low grumble as the glass slips silently and easily into my wet pussy. I don’t hold back, my body is ready for this and with my finger circling my clit I work the glass hard and fast in and out me. My legs are spread, my knees slightly bent and I know that anyone who glances up will surely know immediately what I am doing. The thought of being seen like this only seems to spur me on and in no time at all I am on the brink of orgasm.

“Please Sir, can I cum Sir?” I beg

“Not yet Slutmine, I will tell you when”

My head falls forward and I close my eyes, all thoughts of the window and world beyond are gone, as I battle to keep my body under control. I know that stopping is not permitted, it is control he wants to see, and how far he can push me, where does my boundary lay? Just as let out a groan I hear the words I have been waiting for….

“Cum now you dirty little bitch”

As I let my body free again it leaps immediately into orgasm and I cry out, my legs trembling and my wetness gushing out and down the glass dildo. It is the feel of the wetness on my fingers that finally brings be back to reality and I suddenly remember where I am. Instantly my eyes are back on the world outside my window and the first thing I see is my neighbour’s car pulling into the slip road that leads to our houses. Yet again I slip into the shadow at the side of the window and watch them pull up and park on their drive way.

“Get back in front of the window Slut; I never said you could move.”

“Sorry Sir, but my neighbours Sir, I couldn’t let them see me like that.”

“Now listen to me, my love, who does and does not get see you is MY choice, do you understand? Next time you ask me, and if I decide then you may step to one side. You belong to me!”

“Yes Sir” I whisper

“Now come back to the bed and show me just how wet you are. Wait! Before you do, tell me what you see on the floor in front of the window?”

There on the floor where I have been standing is a little wet puddle, grinning back at him I say….

“I think I made a mess Sir.”

“I think you did Slut and wha…..”

But before he can finish his sentence I am down on my knees cleaning up……in the only the way a good slut should.


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MissJuly September 12, 2010 - 6:36 pm

Molls, I love this. Such great passion, yet sacredness to be seen!!

xxx MissJuly xxx

Cadence Rayne September 15, 2010 - 5:39 pm

Just remembered to come back and read this…I must say the thought of my Master doing anything similar to that sends chills down my spine, but I’d have responded in much the same way! Thanks for sharing!

mollyskiss September 15, 2010 - 6:42 pm

Well I have since been made to do it a 2nd time……and I came even quicker than the time before!

G&N April 18, 2011 - 12:15 pm

Good job. You must have felt so slutty cuming in front of all those people… masturbating under his commands, while standing in front of the window showing off to all how horny you were… acting like a fucktoy all day long. bet you miss that… maybe you have to repeat it soonest possible …


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