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24th December 2010

I wonder what you are all doing this evening. Parties, wrapping presents, snuggling up with the one you love or maybe having an pre Christmas fuck….. Well whatever it is I hope it’s good for you.

I have been playing. Noooo, not like that, although it was VERY tempting I will admit, but I am not that much of a glutton for punishment. I can’t even begin to image what fate would befall me if I made myself cum without His permission. *shivers!

I have been playing with my camera. I have discovered how to use the delay button on my camera. No more holding it and twisting and turning. I am no longer limited to close ups in the mirror I can now stand back and pose and see what happens. Unfortunately I have also discovered that lighting is everything, or else one tends to look like a wrinkly hippo. Lighting can be very harsh and show off every unsightly lump and bump, some I didn’t even know I had. I must get back to running in the New Year!

Sexy Molly ChristmasSir has gone to a family party and I am home alone. The presents are all wrapped and I am ready for tomorrow, and even more ready for His arrival on Sunday morning. I guess most people would have watched a movie or something like that. Not me, I took of my clothes, put on fishnet stockings, my highest pair of heels a Santa hat and let the camera loose. To my surprise and delight, I managed to get some pretty cool Christmas themed pictures.

The urge to play is still there though, and this time I don’t mean with the camera, this time I do mean with myself. I couldn’t help exploring, I mean come on now, I was wearing fishnet hold ups and high heels, with no panties and in that state the temptation to touch was just too much. I was wet and my fingers glided over my silky folds, slipping around and caressing ever little bit of me. Sighing I took my fingers out and drew them up to my face, inhaling deeply, taking in my scent before slipping my sticky fingers into my mouth and tasting me. I sit here writing this, still wet, and with the smell of my pussy lingering on my lips, but I won’t play, I am waiting for Him. I maybe a bad girl, but I am not THAT bad.


Ps…Dear Santa, I know you are nearly here so I just wanted to point out that although it might look like I have been a bit of a naughty girl, whenever I do these things, Sir says, “Good girl” to me. So if Sir says it, it must be true…..right?


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  1. Hey, what a great christmas-tree you’ve got 🙂
    Now, that you know how to use your camera best I hope there will be more hot pictures soon! (Wednesday…)
    By the way you’re stockings are just Hrrrrrrrrrrr!!

    THX for the nice pictures and have a great Christmastime!!


    • Thank you very much, I shall certainly post another picture for Wanton Wednesday. Merry Christmas to you too xxx

    • Hmmm, I think if that happened the tree might be in danger of toppling over, so you will have to stand over their and admire my sparkly bits from afar!


    • Thank you very much…I have a few more up my sleeve……for later today maybe

      Merry Christmas to you too my wonderful friend xxx

  2. Molly, beautiful shot. Now just add a tripod to your “tricks”. By the time I’m halfway through a “photo shoot”, I can smell the heat of my excitement. I’m sopping when the shutter clicks its last.

    Anyway, sending you and yours holiday wishes and hoping you have a wonderful day!

    • Thank you very much DDD and Merry Christmas to you too.

      I have requested a tripod from Mr Santa…..he says will investigate the item together next week…..LOL

      So watch this space


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