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Fucktoy Friday

14th January 2011

Have you heard about Fucktoy Friday? It is a hashtag of dirty delight that gets spread around on twitter, wait for it, yes you guessed it, every Friday. Originally started by a very bad man who goes by the name of Saynine, it is 140 characters of people’s darkest, dirtiest, fucktoy thoughts. In honour of this wonderful delight I have decided to hijack the idea of Fucktoy Friday for my own dirty use. I won’t be restricting myself to 140 characters but I will be posting something short, dirty and deliciously wicked and if you are very good then maybe a picture as well. So here goes, my first ever Fucktoy Friday blog post……let me know what you think?


I am His little fucktoy, burning hot like fire, use me and abuse me as you so desire.

Kneeling in the corner, waiting for your touch, use me and abuse me nothing is too much

Mark my flesh with stripey welts, turn my white skin pink, use me and abuse me in all the ways you think

Tear my clothes from my back, leave me bruised and sore, use me and abuse me like your little whore

Take your pleasure in me, I am yours to break, use me and abuse me make my body ache.

  • Molly Moore - Author, Blogger, Photographer, Speaker, Director of Operations @Eroticon Find me in my corner of the internet at Molly's Daily Kiss and on Twitter @mollysdailykiss

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  • SlipperyWhnWhet

    I love it! I am not talented enough to do anything in verse. It is like a very sexy, hot song!

    And I love that rug you are kneeling on. It would be such a nice sensual contrast to pain…

    • mollyskiss

      Verse is not my string point either…..For ages all I could think of to go with touch was hutch….LOL

      As for the rug, it is gloriously soft and for xmas someone bought me a matching black one, which I think will lend itself nicely to more pictures and I hope to use it to comfort my body too next time he is here to use me and abuse me…


  • Memnoch2009

    Congrats on your writing Molly, I am looking forward to reading more ;-p

    • mollyskiss

      Thank you very much and welcome to my blog!


  • Nr._47

    Great! Is the photo from the same session like the Wanton-Wednesday-Fishnet-pic?
    The poem is also very nice! You’ve got talent:
    ‘Take your pleasure in me, I am yours to break, use me and abuse me make my body ache’ is very good! Really want to do such things 🙂

    • mollyskiss

      Hi there

      No the picture is not from the same session. I took this picture before he arrived in the UK when I was considering wearing that outfit under my coat to greet him at the airport. I am afraid the cold got won and I bottled it….this time!


  • Livi

    oooh that’s really good! Love it!

  • His little angel

    I think I’m gonna like FuckToy Friday…

    Rachel Elizabeth

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