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Might as well jump

School girl jumping on trampoline

This week I spent a rather happy hour or so in my garden taking photographs inspired by the current Kink of the Week topic; School Uniforms. After a discussion with @malflic on the subject I offered to make his an image to use in his post on the topic. He seemed to rather like the idea and as you can see from his post; School Girls; A Lasting Obsession was rather pleased with the final result. I will admit that what he wrote in the ‘After Thoughts’ part of his post made me grin with delight at having inspired that reaction in him.

Of course you don’t ever just take one photograph, especially when dressed up as naughty little school girl. Some of those images will appear later today on my own Kink of the Week post but this one just seems to be jumping out at me and demanding it very own post all to its self…

“Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere.” ~ Mae West

School girl jumping on trampolineSinful Sunday badge


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  • fridayam

    Oh lovely Molly, that is such a gorgeously fun image 🙂 I grew up on Merseyside, where the Mersey Poets had a big thing about “schoolies”, which is probably very unacceptable these days,in our increasingly puritanical society. I love that you can still put fun into that image 🙂 x

  • SassyCat

    Damn! you have got some of the coolest shots.
    Like a potato chip, can’t eat just one…you’re correct…we don’t just take one photo when we are dressed up.
    I liked the photo of your sneakers and bobbie socks on Malfic’s post.

  • Tabitha

    Joyful!!! This has cheered me up on a dreich Sunday morning 😀

  • Marie Rebelle

    You make one sexy school girl. Love that I can see your white panties 😉

    Rebel xox

  • HappyComeLucky

    I can almost hear the giggles of glee with this picture.

  • Logan

    Oh what a fun pic! It makes us grin with such a naughty smile. 😉

  • Malflic

    I’ve always had a special affinity for bad girls…but that’s probably not a surprise. So the real question is ho high did you jump and was there any flipping involved?

  • MariaSibylla

    This is such an incredibly joyful image! I can’t stop smiling about it!

  • sub-Bee

    Brilliant fun image, now I want a trampoline too!

  • Mia Sinclair

    Oh this is a serious cute photo!!! Love the movement in your feet, it adds so much to the image!

    ~Mia~ xx

  • Modesty Ablaze

    Looks like such a fun afternoon and made me giggle.
    I wonder if it ended on the trampoline!!!
    Xxx- K

  • Penny

    Oh my god, I am in love. This is amazing, you look fabulous in that outfit, I love your white socks & panties, & the jumping action you captured is awesome!

  • The Sin Doll

    I’m such a lover of school girl outfits. This picture is SO darling!

  • MarQe

    Cane arm gets all swishy!!! Lovely happy image !! MarQe x

  • Jessica Rabbit

    I can’t help but smile at this photo… so fun & sexy at the same time! XO

  • Property Of Potter

    What a playful image! This is really the perfect shot. The blur of your feet really draws the eye to your skirt, and what it isn’t covering! 😉

  • Curvaceous Dee

    I giggled when I saw your lovely image – and the cotton knickers really makes it 🙂

    xx Dee

  • KaziG

    Looks like that bad girl is having some great fun!!

    ~Kazi xxx

  • Holly

    What fun! I love this cheeky shot! x

  • Charlie

    Beautiful image, Molly – I have a bit of a soft spot for trampolining, as it’s the only form of exercise that I actually think I genuinely ‘enjoy’ – I just wish there were more places to do it.

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