Nature had come

By on May 7, 2016.

“Nature’s free bounty and useless extravagance had never appeared so fantastically beautiful as it did this spring. I had an uncomfortable suspicion that Nature had come to reconquer the earth for herself.” ~ Yukio Mishima

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  1. Oh – this is so gorgeous. I love how the leaf tips draw our eyes to your body. Being naked outside just feels right; it makes me feel like I’m so much more connected to the natural world around me, and this photo captures that feeling perfectly.
    Jo recently posted..Short Cuts (NSFR)My Profile

  2. The entire composition just works so incredibly well from you blurred in the background to the in-focus leaves and how they both connect – Perfect!

    Velvet x

    • I had no idea the leaf was as perfect placed as it was until I got home and downloaded the image. I was delighted to find that I got it exactly spot on


    • Last week I took advantage of some alone time at the edge of a beautiful pond in New England. Here is what I wrote to my Dom about the experience. I had been instructed to masturbate three times during the day but not come.

      It was a beautiful day here, about 75 degrees. Driving the 3/4 mile road into camp and to the waterfront, I saw nary a soul. Perfect; I love the solitude of the lake and woods. I parked, got my food and a water bottle and went to the picnic table closest to the shore. This area sits on a steep wooded bank about 20 feet above the water. It faces West, so the sun was filtering through the trees. A soft breeze was coming off the lake, keeping insects at bay. No one in sight; no cars.

      It struck me this was the perfect place for session three. I could hear any vehicles if they came down the dirt road. I laid back on the bench of the table and pulled by dress up to my waist. The knee of my right leg was bent and on the bench; the foot of my left leg placed on the ground. The breeze on my naked body was heaven. How often can we get naked outdoors? I wanted to strip altogether, but didn’t. Instead, I played; poking, prodding, fingering. I could feel the wood of the bench on my ass as I reached toward my fingers and then retreated, again and again, until all I wanted was release. I didn’t let myself have it.

      But what a sense of freedom! Although I wanted and still want that orgasm (twitching now), I enjoyed this experience immensely.

      After a few minutes, just lying there on the bench, I got up, my dress falling back into place. I walked to the boat ramp area and waded into the lake. Again, I resisted the urge to strip and jump into the water. Practicality and modesty (fear?) won out. No towels, no way to cover up if some one came by. But I wanted to dive in and come out an lie naked on the sand, in the sun.

    • Well we don’t really have a big mosquito season here in the UK but I have definitely come back from the woods covered in little scratches and bumps


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