Trolling the Net #67

by Molly Moore
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Welcome to Trolling the Net 67. I know I missed last weekends round-up but I was super busy with work stuff and so something had to go on hold but I am back this week with a bumper issue starting with….


Legend Told and Comfort Girl by Cara Thereon

I don’t usually include two links to one person but I couldn’t pick between these two piece by Cara Thereon and to be honest they show what an amazing diverse and talented writer she is. First there is Legend Told which is written in the style of a legend but one that is definitely adult in nature and then we have Comfort Girl which is a very challenging piece that is based in a dystopian world where the woman have become two things, feral or compliant. Be warned though, this is story has a strong and graphic non-consensual part so if that is not your thing then don’t read this one.

Yours by Fire and honey

This is a really powerful piece of writing by Violet that made my heart ache for the man in the story. It does deal with the subject of self harming and loss which might not be for everyone

Kiss me by Nicci Haydon

This is a delicious little piece of flash fiction about kissing strangers and taking a risk and it made me think of being wild and naughty and kissing girls I only just met.

Young & Old by Rebel’s Notes

I have a thing for both watching and being watched but when it comes to masturbation being watched really fucking turns me on and this story taps straight into that kink and it comes with an added little extra of being about an older woman and younger man.

Fuck Manual by Tits and Test Tubes

I wrote a story this week about being written on which I thought was really hot but I was not the only one because Jadis did one too and it is fabulously filthy and sexy and I highly recommend it.


Blood by Fetcetera

It seems to be a week of warnings on Trolling the Net as this link contains fairly graphic images of blood as a result of impact play that has broken the skin. Seriously friggin hot to me but if not your thing then don’t click on this one

Things are looking up by Accidental Mastubator

I think (consensual) up skirt shots are so damn sexy at the best of times but this one is particularly fabulous as it not the traditional up skirt view….

Hello Kitty by Pieces of Jade

So I have put this one in pictures as it was the image that first caught my eye. It is not the best image technically but that doesn’t really matter because the graininess just adds to the sexiness of the image but this one could also have gone in the words section of this post as the writing that goes with it made me squirm.

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Posy Churchgate July 14, 2018 - 8:36 am

Great picks here Molly – some I’d already seen and had me nodding my head, a couple I need to take the time to look over. Thanks for sharing.

Grumpy old man July 14, 2018 - 10:01 am

[email protected] I love “Hello Kitty”, anal is so hot!

Marie Rebelle September 23, 2018 - 5:03 pm

This has been on my screen from the day it has been posted and t actually feels strange to comment now, but I still want to say: thank you Molly!

Rebel xox

Christmas & Memories #SoSS #58 - Rebel's Notes December 22, 2018 - 11:16 am

[…] post, Young & Old, was mentioned in Molly’s post Trolling the Net #67: I have a thing for both watching and being watched but when it comes to masturbation being watched […]


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