That was Handy

by Molly Moore
Close up of the head of a mans penis coming out of the end of a masturbator sleeve

Oddly when I wrote the prompt for Kink of the Week I was fairly sure that I would end up writing a piece about how masturbators where just not really our thing. We have tried them. Michael actually won a Tenga Spiral a few years ago. We were actually excited to give it a go but neither of us enjoyed the experience. It made the most distracting and un-sexy farting slurping sound every time I pushed it down on his cock. I think we could have possibly ignored that if he had been enjoying the sensation but he wasn’t and so the terrible noise won and we ended up casting it aside. We never used it again and have never purchased any other kind. So yeah, not really our thing.

For me personally I can’t say I have any real desire to use one on my partner but if he was totally into them and they got him off then I think that would be different. Then it would be a sexy hot thing that we could share but Michael is not enamoured of them either and so there is no real appeal for me.

That is pretty much the post I would have written just over a week ago but then a company sent us a prototype of their new masturbator sleeve to try out and much to both our surprises it has changed things somewhat. Sadly the toy is not yet for sale so I can’t tell you anything much about it but when it does go on sale which I am hopeful it will I will be sure to come back and update this post however this simple little sleeve has been rather a lot of fun.

We have used it twice now. The first time I used on him, although things started with me getting him hard using my mouth then we moved onto the sleeve. It felt good in the palm of my hand, just really natural to hold and use and it was clear the moment I slid it on that it felt good to him and he very quickly orgasmed. What I really liked about that is that the sleeve is open on the end and so I could see the ejaculate coming out of his cock which is a real turn on for me. I really LOVE seeing that.

The second time he used it, sliding it on his flaccid dick and stroking himself to a full erection. Now I will admit for that part I was busy taking photos but once I was sure I had something I put the camera away, grabbed a cushions and knelt on the floor in from of him pulling my tits out of dress and offering them up to him. Watching him stroke himself like that was fucking hot, my face right close to him so I could smell him and watch as his thighs twitched and his balls tightened as he got close to orgasm.

Eventually he decided to discard the masturbator and told me to use my hand to finish him off. Looking up at him he had his eyes closed as I wrapped my warm hand round his shaft and it only took a few strokes on my part before he was coming all over my tits and hand, his legs shaking with the effort of it all.

I am sitting here now writing this with a cup of coffee and under my cardigan his come lays in little dried silver streaks down my tits. It has been a good Tuesday.

I don’t think this experience is going to have us rush out and buy more masturbators though. As Michael said he enjoyed the sensation of this one and it was fun but

“It is never going to replace your mouth”

Which made me grin.

I am sure it will get used again. I definitely found it super hot watching him using it on himself. That was definitely my favourite bit and I would totally be up for a repeat of that any time he liked. It is fair to say we have both been pleasantly surprised by this little toy but most of this has reminded me to never say never, just a few weeks ago I would have written a post that pretty much dismissed penis masturbators as something for us but by remaining open to things and being prepared to experiment together we have learned something new.

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Marie Rebelle July 11, 2018 - 6:25 pm

Lovely that you have tried one and I am curious to learn more about the toy!

Rebel xox

missy July 11, 2018 - 9:29 pm

We haven’t had much success with the toys that we have tried either so I would also come to the conclusion that they are not for us. I am always open to trying something though and so is HL so we would give it a go I think just to see.

Elliott July 12, 2018 - 12:52 am

Fun to read your review, Molly. I have one of those somewhere, I’ll have to find it.

May More July 12, 2018 - 4:44 pm

It does not surprise me that Elliott has one of those ;-)xx

Bee July 20, 2018 - 5:27 pm

Snap! ‘im indoors never really got on with them in the past but that’s definitely changed now. And I’ve also been told I’m his favourite mastabatory aid so it looks like I’m not being replaced either *grins*

Cara Thereon July 26, 2018 - 4:47 pm

I believe I got to enjoy the second experience via Skype. It was soooo fucking got to watch. “Good girls get to watch the porno.”


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