Neck Tales

by Molly Moore
Cropped image of molly with her head thrown back exposing her neck to the camera

The Kink of the week topic is necks. I could have written about how much I love nestling my nose into his neck and breathing in his scent. How I love to kiss someone’s neck whilst unbutton their shirt so my mouth can find their shoulders and chest. I could have written about my kink of love bites. To be fair they don’t have to be located on my neck to have me purring with delight but there is something extra slutty about being marked on such a visible area of the body. I could have written about my reflux and why my neck is more sensitive and so whilst I want a hand firmly wrapped round it, it has to be done just right, with an upward motion so as to not apply pressure to the central part of my throat. There are so many little things about necks that popped into my head, I wasn’t sure which one to write about but then I realised why not share more than one…

Neck kisses

The car park is astonishingly dark. Usually these places have a light to help you get to your car but this place has not bothered and once we get away from the circle of light the building is giving off we vanish into the inky blackness. He leans on the side of my car as I open the door and put my bag in. I want to kiss him so badly. I want him to kiss me so badly but fucking Covid has made me scared to cross that boundary.

I close the car door and turn to him. He is saying something. I can’t remember what but I can’t bear it any more. I reach out and grab his hand and pull it to my waist as I turn and face the car. He gets the hint and presses his body into my back pinning me against the car door. He sweeps my hair to one side, his fingers trailing across the back of my neck and then his mouth is there and he peppers my skin with kisses. I can feel his hardness pressing into my buttock. My cunt aches between my thighs.

“I want you so badly right now” he growls into my neck.

“I hate Corona Virus” I whisper back.

Eventually we pull apart even though I long for more and I get in my car and drive away but all I can think of as I do is how much I wanted to suck him off right then and there in that car park. Kneeling down in the wet and dirt, his cock buried in my mouth as the dark night gives us just enough privacy and the thunder continuing to grumble in the far off distance. I should have done that. I wish I had. Instead all I have is his breath and kisses lingering on my neck.

Neck Hold

His fingers are buried in my cunt. One, then two, he twists into my hole, angling his hand downwards so he can push as much of his fingers up inside me as possible. My legs are spread wide, my head thrown back on the pillow. His head is propped up on his other hand and he is watching my face as he finger fucks my cunt.

I am lost in eyes, watching him, watching me give myself to him. Suddenly his focus shifts and I let out a little whimper as I feel his fingers slide from my body. Don’t stop, I want to plead. Please….. but before I can speak he is pointing to my bedside table.

“Find a nice big dildo” he instructs.

I twist away from him. Open the draw and pull out the large Morpheus and hold it up for him to see

“Perfect” is his reply

“Now fuck yourself for me”

The toy is big and firm, large than his two fingers that were just filling me and it takes me a moment to ease the silicone shaft into me wet hole. He watches me patiently, his eyes flitting from my face to between my legs. I slowly start to fuck myself with the pink cock. My eyes close as I sink into the sensation but then he hand is round my neck, lifting my chin and tilting my head backwards.

“Look at me” he says. And he holds me like that, pinned to the bed me by my neck and watches my face as I fuck myself with the toy and as he senses my orgasm building he smiles down at me and says

“Come for me, my good little bitch.” his hand never leaving my neck.

Later I will find dark little bruises where his fingers gripped me and I will lovingly trace them with my finger tips.

Neck wrap

It’s dark. Pitch dark that only happens in the dead of night. I have been asleep a few hours when I am woken by him fumbling his way round the room. I turn over and get comfortable. He slides into the bed behind me and I quickly sink back into sleep.

The next thing I know I am being woken again. This time more rudely. He has stripped the duvet from my slumbering form and is prising my legs apart. As I go to flip over he pushes me back down. A firm hand presses in between my shoulder blades pinning me in place.

He is quick, determined. His hands rough on my thighs as he pushes them wider and then he is kneeling between them. With his free hand he reaches over my head and grabs the lube on the side.

“Don’t fucking move” he grumbles and I hear the click of the cap and then the liquid sound of him smearing it on his cock.

I lift my head and go to look over my shoulder. I love watching him making his cock ready to fuck me

“I said. Don’t fucking move” he growls.

I wrinkle my nose at being thwarted. I mean I could look anyway but something about his tone makes me acquiesce.

The bed shifts beneath us as he positions himself behind me and then I can feel the weight of him pressing into me and he is nudging my thighs even further apart. His hand fumbles between us, fingers briefly probe my cunt and then are instantly replaced with the head of his cock and with a grunt he forces his way into my body driving himself balls deep into me. For a moment he pauses, his body weight pinning me down. One hand snakes around my neck the other over the top of my head his fingers weaving into my hair and then he beginning, slowly a first, to lift his hips and thrust into me. I am held beneath him, beneath his body, his arms holding my head as he pumps his dick in and out of me with increasing force and urgency.

I might not have been wet at first but the combination of the lube and the brutal way he is using my body I can feel the wetness thick and slick between my thighs. I arch my back trying to open myself up more for him. I try to push one hand down the front of my body to find my clit but he is pinning down too tightly for me to gain access. I grumble in frustration but he doesn’t hear or if he does he ignores me.

He uses me to make himself cum. Grunting into my hair as he fills my cunt with his jizz. His hand still wrapped round my neck and his cock still buried firmly in my cunt he raises his hips slightly and whispers into my ear

“Now, you can touch yourself”

Neck bites

He is taller than me. Not difficult to be honest but let’s say there is taller and then there is Taller and he definitely falls into the latter. He looms over me, stepping in that bit to close forcing me backwards until my back meets the wall. To keep eye contact I am forced to look up. He smiles as comes into kiss me and then his lips are on mine and a whimper of need and desire rumbles in my throat. Finally he is kissing me. I have spent all evening imaging him kissing me, the thought of his lips on mine, my head tilted back as he draw me into him playing over and over in my head as we talked and ate.

He draws back slightly as he weaves his fingers into my hair and grips, pulling slightly, tilting my head back more, exposing my neck even more. He plants a soft chaste peek on the corner of my mouth before trailing his lips down over my chin and onto my neck.

Soft gentle kisses turn into nips and eventually bites that make me moan. He ravages my neck and then trails down and does the same to the swell of my breasts. All the time his hand grips my hair, forcing my head back. He has not even removed a single item of my clothing. All he has done is kiss me and yet I feel completely exposed and taken apart by him.

“On a hot summer night, would you offer your
Throat to the wolf with the red roses?”

Oh Abso-fucking-lutely!

Molly laying face down on the bed, her head is thrown back and she is exposing her neck to the camera. The swell of her breast is pushing into the dark red covers. The image is muted tones
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Sandra September 5, 2023 - 9:11 pm

Gorgeously hot 🔥

Bee September 9, 2023 - 6:46 pm

As you say, abso-fucking-lutely!


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