Trolling the Net 88

by Molly Moore
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Let’s do this, Trolling the Net 88… words and pictures I have stumbled on that you might enjoy delving into as much as I did.


Quench by Persephone Raya

This piece definitely spoke very directly to my emerging domme side. There is a heat and intensity to it that has me shifting in my seat.

“I flushed as she removed my boxers, suddenly very aware of how slick my cunt already was. My blush only increased as I saw the look on her face, her fingers tracing up my thighs, teasing me. “We are enjoying ourself, aren’t we?” she mocked. “I think it’s time you worked for your pleasure.””

Sun Salutations by Cara Thereon

I will admit the voyeurism/Peeping tom scenario in the right circumstances is super hot to me especially if the Tom turns out to be the one who is being enjoyed.

“He wanted to know what her voice sounded like the second he slipped inside her.”

The Scribe – Ink on Skin Erotica by Tabitha Rayne

I remember this story when Tabitha first posted it. It has long been one of my favourite pieces by her. Yes I totally have a thing for writing on skin. Now you can have the added delight of listening to the gorgeous Tabitha reading this amazing story to you on Girl on the Net’s audio porn project

He slides his palms onto my thighs, tugging the fabric up further and sighs. I tremble, thinking he’s going to chastise me for marking myself so viciously.

““It’s beautiful,” he says and shuffles backwards so he’s on all fours staring at my work. He leans in and parts my knees, inhaling my dampening want. He reaches out and picks up one of my pens. A Rotring thick nib fountain pen. One of my favourites. “May I?” he asks tentatively and I am wide eyed at his request.”

Working Magic: Affirmations and Self-Love by Witch of the Wands

This is a really interesting piece about using positive affirmations to unlearn negative body images thoughts and phrases that I am fairly sure all of us harbour as a result of the things we have been told or seen. Those little negative voices that whisper into our minds can be so very powerful. Finding ways to silence them is so important.

“Affirmations to help me remember what I know but sometimes let the world drown out. I spend time in my room, taking selfies that may never see the light of day. I look them over as if I am someone else. Finding the things that stand out about them. The person who smiles shyly from behind their hand. The tousled sleep hair. The curve of their hip or shoulder. I fall in love with them more and more every day”


Self-love but make it filthy by Love is a Fetish

Nikki’s description of watching herself masturbate is so deliciously hot. I need to do this myself again sometime soon but the image that goes along with her words is brilliant. I love how she has kept colour in the mirror reflection thus drawing our eye into that part of the shot even though it is not in focus.

Autoportraits – A Decade in Review by Love Hate Sex Cake

I don’t know how I missed this post by Cheeky Minx at the tail end of last year but I was delighted to stumble upon it a week or so ago. I have always been a massive fan of her self portraits and seeing this selection of her 10 images for 10 years of self portraiture’s just shows perfectly what an amazing talent she has for self photography.

Rest by Exposing 40

Anyone who is a regular reader here will know that I love taking pictures in the wood. I love taking them and I love seeing them. This one by Exposing 40 makes me want to grab my camera and head out to nearest woods and have some fun.

Shadowland by Exhibit A

This one also features Exposing 40 but this time she is not the model but the very brilliant photographer who captures this absolutely stunning nude of Exhibit A. Really this is one of those pictures that deserves to be on the wall of a gallery somewhere.

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