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Thoughts lingering…

close up of the pink bow on mollys panties with her hand in her knickers

It has been a busy day here and I have not had time to write the piece I planned but before I switch my computer off for the night I do have some thoughts lingering…

When I bent down earlier I could smell my arousal. It has been building all day. In fact more than just today, the last couple of days the thoughts inspired by new and renewed connections have been inspirational.

A velvet dress, thigh high lace topped stockings, high heels and a public setting. Wandering hands that can’t resist reaching out and touching, caressing the fabric, reaching beneath my skirt, lingering on the lace before finding bare flesh. No one notices, well no one else notices apart from her.

There is a man in a crisp blue striped shirt rolling up his sleeves. He is broad shouldered with strong arms and thick manly hands. I know what they feel like on my skin. I know what they feel like pushing into my cunt. I crave his touch. I smile into the camera at him as he talks. He eventually realises I am distracted. He grins. He knows….

Then there is the thought of hot lips on my inner thigh pulling the tender skin into his mouth, the scrape of teeth against skin and the building heat as he sucks at the flesh. My legs are spread wide, he leaves a trail of blossoming love bites up my thigh as he buries his fingers into my wetness. I come like that, rubbing at my clit as he fills my cunt and bites my thighs. The marks linger for days

I made myself come this morning to a jumble of thoughts about being fucked by different people. Rather than cooling my desires it has acted as a slow ember of need that as the day has worn on various thoughts have fanned until it has gone from a gentle glow to a hot fiery warmth lodged between my thighs.

The only thing to do with the thoughts lingering is to finish the day as I started it…Molly with her hand in her knickers laying on the bed with legs spread thinking about hot thoughts lingeringBlog days of summer 2020 badgeLingerie for everyone badge



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  • Monstrous Jaffa

    Close enough to feel my breath on your fingers….

  • Mosscat

    All sorts of mmmmph! Gorgeous knickers, too.

  • violet fawkes

    an “ember” …. oooof I so get that

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