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Wake me

molly laying in the bed with her bottom poking out from the covers for post about wake up sex

I woke up this morning with a craving…

It was one of those wakings were you drift on the edge of sleep. I wish I didn’t have to get up. I wish I wasn’t alone. I miss wake up sex.

I want to feel your body pressed up against mine. The scent of our bodies combined in sleep envelops us. As you wake you pull me a little closer, pushing yourself up against my back. For a moment we drift together on the edge of sleep but consciousness is calling and I shift in your arms and arch my back pushing my butt up against you. You dip your head and kiss the back of my neck and I smile as I feel your erection pressing into me.

I shift my body, tilting my hips, rolling forward slightly so that I am more open to you. It is a silent invitation that you instinctively accept. Your reach down between us and guide your cock between my thighs and into the warmth of my waking body. I am only just slick enough but you are in no hurry and you let my body open up around you and then I am pushing back against you, wanting to have all of you. Wanting to feel full.

It is a slow fuck. We both of us relishing the moment, basking in the connection. Our bodies climbing from sleep to slumber to fully awake together. I don’t bother rubbing my clit, I am not looking to come right now. I am happy to just feel you, to start my day with your cock inside me. I want you to come though, then maybe later I will ask you to help me reach my own orgasm but for now, how I feel, how you feel in me is all I care about.

Of course this morning none of that actually happened. There was no wake up sex but I lay in my bed and thoughts about it and trailed my fingers through my wetness whilst I did.

I was ready for you this morning. I craved it. I still do

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