Spank me!

by Molly Moore

3rd Febuary 2010

Spank me…..go on, do it! I do love to be spanked, it’s the noise, that clap as his hand connects with my flesh and the fact that it’s his hand, not a whip or a cane but his hand on me. It leaves me wet and throbbing and needing to be filled. I love to feel it, I want to feel it, I need to feel it, just as much as he loves to do it, wants to do it and needs to do it.

His hand on the back of my neck pushes me down over his knee, his grasp firm and controlling. His other hand runs up the back of my legs and reaches under my skirt. For a moment he massages, each buttock in turn, grabbing handfuls of my flesh and squeezing, rubbing, kneading…. I whimper as he lifts my skirt, exposing me, and instinctively I brace myself for what I assume will come next, but too my surprise he continues to rub and squeeze and knead my bare arse. Gradually I start to relax and enjoy the feeling of his warm strong hands on me, my eyes close and when his fingers graze against the lips of my pussy I moan quietly. I am lost in the moment now, his touch on my flesh, loving, tender, intimate…… It takes a moment for me to realise that he has stopped, that his hand is gone, that my arse lays bare once again, no clothes and no hand. A shiver runs up my spine and I bite my lip and hold my breath as I wait…….

Spank Me

‘Ohhhhh please’….I call out and he pauses……

Yes slut?

I don’t answer, well not with words, I moan and wriggle on his lap and he laughs, and brings his hand down again, one final, firm spank on my already stinging burning skin. My arse is now glowing, burning, stinging, bruised and so, so sensitive that just his feather light touch of his hand caressing me causes me to moan and whimper and whither beneath his hand…… The hand that punishes me and pleasures me, that teaches and corrects me, that loves and cherishes me, the hand that I love, that hand that owns me…….


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domsigns March 13, 2011 - 11:05 pm

Shall we make a new video to replace the one on this page? Sunday the 19th perhaps?

mollyskiss March 13, 2011 - 11:07 pm

As you wish…..



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