Hotel Rooms – Behind closed doors

by Molly Moore
Molly siitting in a big clawfoot bath in the middle of a hotel room

“Hotel rooms inhabit a separate moral universe.” ~ Tom Stoppard

I love a hotel room (Air BnB places count too)

There is something about the whole thing that is just so utterly suggestive to me. The quote above captures perfectly how a hotel room is like this different world away from the every day, a private space that elicits some sort of hedonistic response in me. They feel seductive, provocative, inspiring. I immediately start thinking about the possibilities of what might happen in that space.

Is the mirror in the right place to be able to see in it from the bed? Is there a view to admire whilst pressed up against the window? Could anyone see in if I stood here naked? Or ideally not but I could imagine that they might be able to? Of course balconies only add to the scope of what might be possible. Maybe late at night with all the lights off, no one can see you but you can see them?

What of the bathrooms? Is there a shower big enough for two? Or maybe it has a fabulous bath tub just calling out to be shared?

Does the bed have potential places for rope to be tied too? Are their lots of plump pillows waiting to be used for more than just resting your head on? Is the mattress firm enough to offer some resistance and is the bed the right height for bending over? Maybe that chair is the perfect spot for him to sit while I suck him off.

Of course not all hotel rooms are created equal. Some are far more decadent and sultry than others but even the cheapest simple room has potential in my eyes. Unless somewhere is dirty that is. I once stayed in a Travelodge with Michael on the outskirts of Birmingham and the white plastic chair in the room had a fairly thick layer of dust and dirt on it which I cleaned off with one of their very small towels and the bathroom definitely needed a good clean and the black mould problem dealt with.

Over the years we stayed in fair few places some of them better than other. The one in Southport where the room was in the basement. It actually had the most beautiful stained glass window although it was a bit weird seeing the silhouettes of peoples legs as they walked past the window in the street outside but the plug was stuck in the sink so the water didn’t drain away and the bed was two singles pushed together that were different heights. We did complain but the only other room they had free didn’t have any windows. The one in Edinburgh, that was a lovely room but again the room was in the basement and even though there was a window their was basically no natural light coming into the room whatsoever. But none of these hold a candle to the travelodge mentioned above because weird and quirky is always trumped by dirty.

However there has also been some amazing places over the years. The one with the tree in the room in Ticehurst. The one with the bath in the room that I shared The Gentleman. The one with wall to ceiling mirrors at the end of the bed in Bristol. The biggest hotel room I have seen in my life in Vegas. I am not kidding you, hin the UK you would only get a room that size if you paid stupid money for a suite but this was just a standard room and it was easily the equivalent floor space of two good sized rooms here. The one with the balcony with the view up JFK Boulevard in Philadelphia and possibly the smallest hotel room I have ever stayed in Atlanta. There are so many that contain first times with various lovers or are filled with special memories of time spent together. Some of them sexy and hot, some of the funny and silly. But they all make smile. Every single one of them. Even the unclean one…. which despite it faults was the location for this photo.

And that is where hotel rooms and I really bond. Because even the most basic room has photography opportunities. Clearly some are better than others like this one last year where the room faced the perfect way to make use of the golden early autumn sunlight. Or this one where the window provided the perfect light and frame for a kiss. And this one where I captured this stunning shot of the gorgeous MJ. The Bell, mentioned above with the tree growing through the room which is the setting for the Sinful Sunday header image. The smallest hotel room ever in Atlanta where I captured this self portrait that remains one of my favourites to this day. Hotel rooms, me and my camera is joyful union that fires up my creative side and also gives me the horn.

One of my favourite things about spending time with the gentleman last year was getting to hotel rooms 2 or 3 hours before him and having that time on my own to chill and get ready but to spend time with me and my camera exploring a new space with new light, new furniture, new surroundings and my body. Spending that time being creative and exploring my body only served to make me even hornier than I already was at the thought of spending time with him. Also all those pictures now serve as happy reminders of each of our dates and the time we shared in these various rooms. Including the picture above.

There is an eroticism to hotel rooms that just undeniable. When the door shuts you leave the world behind you just for a little bit and step into a new space, a new world almost, one where there is no washing up or laundry. No one calling ‘Mum’. No desk with to-do list haunting you. It’s just you, whoever and these four walls and for just a short time you can forget about everything else and indulge. In that regard even the most simple basic room is an opportunity for decadent indulgent time. Hotel rooms turn me on. There has been a distinct lack of them this year but I am hoping that will change soon and I can indulge my love of hotel rooms again with you…

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mywildlens August 15, 2021 - 10:28 am

What an amazing bath and room! You look totally in charge of your enjoyment of it.


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