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This very moment

Cropped image of male nude

Photography, alone of the arts, seems perfected to serve the desire humans have for a moment – this very moment – to stay.
~ Sam Abell

Capturing moments seems more important than ever this year. I guess because they have been so few and far between the ones that have happened have seemed so very precious. MJ and I managed to spend one rather glorious night together back in August. During which time he let have at him with my camera, as well as in other ways too. I took quite a few pictures. I shall share more here over time but this is far and away my favourite.

I have not had that many opportunities over the years to photograph other people and very little chance to photograph any men. It is something I have wanted to do more of for a very long time but I have to admit there is something extra special about photographing a man who is also your lover. There is an intimacy to it that in my limited experience results in pictures that just have something special about them. This shot feels like that. It captures a moment but also I think I have captured his grace and beauty and I am immensely proud of it.

Nude of man sitting in chair with one leg up and his face hidden in the shadowsI have no idea when MJ and I will get share some moments again but I am grateful and happy for the time we had back in August and look forward to whenever we get to do it again.

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  • Focused and Filthy

    That is such a wonderfully warm but strong image. Love the lighting – incredibly sexy.
    Missy x

  • HappyComeLucky

    This image is stunning. A fantastic picture of a very wonderful man. Moments like that are to be savoured and celebrated in every way.

  • HappyComeLucky

    This image is stunning. A fantastic picture of a very wonderful man. Moments like that are to be savoured and celebrated in every way. ๐Ÿ’•

  • Monstrous Jaffa

    Thank you lover x

    • Molly Moore

      Ahh thank you lovely man x

  • Modesty Ablaze

    Gorgeous photo Molly … stylish and so very sexy !!!
    Xxx – K

  • LittleSwitchBitch

    Wow – There is something really sexy about that tiny hint of face we can see. The lighting is perfect and I love how relaxed he is – it comes across so well in the image through his body language.

  • Ouizzi

    I absolutely love this picture, your right about it being something special and intimate and you should definitely be proud x

  • Muse

    Bloody gorgeous lighting, so warm and full of promise ๐Ÿ˜‰
    He doesnโ€™t look bad either ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Molly Moore

      This comment made me giggle

  • Lisa Stone

    Yes, there is in this photo, something from a painting by a portrait painter of the 19th century. Even the color scheme is familiar.

  • Annie Savoy

    Molly, this is exquisite. Heโ€™s so lucky to have you.

  • Bee

    Heโ€™s a lucky guy.

  • Chrisy

    Simple, intense, inviting, intriguing and casual grace. Not to mention the lighting is amazing. How you guys found time for photography is beyond me! :-). Your photography is always so beautiful!

    • Molly Moore

      Well apparently it is polite to them catch their breathe now and then *grins


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