Sweet Torture

by Molly Moore

17th November 2010

My body aches for him. I miss his touch so much. It doesn’t matter how many times I get to cum, that need for him and his touch is never diminished, never satisfied, in fact the opposite is true, the need, the craving, the longing just seems to grow and build and strengthen within me until it seems to consume my every waking moment. Sleep is no refuge from it either, with sleep comes dreams, not always about my need for him, but nearly always related in some strange fashion, although what the one meant last night about my desperate search for the right bunch of flowers that I was hell bent on having, I will never know.

Sorry, slight dream digression there, where was I, oh yes….aching! I ache to be kissed, to be touched, and to be made His again. I long for the feel of his body against mine and to smell his scent on my skin. I can’t wait to taste him again, to feel him hard and throbbing inside my greedy little mouth. I can’t wait to look into His eyes as he finally takes me again and here Him growl when he fills me with his cum. Just writing this down makes me wet and throbbing, the thought of being near Him again makes me breathless and imagining his hands on me makes me down right HOT and LUSTY!


Usually the hot and lusty slut within me can be somewhat calmed by having a big O or 2 or 3 or….anyway, you get the picture. As I said before, it never really takes away the longing and the craving but it can and does help to bring a certain amount of control to the situation but you see, here is where my problem starts. The last time I came was Sunday night and the next time I will cum will be Saturday. He has chosen to make me wait me now, until he is here, until his hands are on me, until a moment of His choosing. But that’s not all; I have a new daily task for this final week of waiting, which is that I must use my glass dildo every day, at a time of my choosing, for a minimum of 10 minutes. A wanton lusty slut given at least 10 minutes of fucking herself with her favourite toy every day, sounds good eh? Well yes, and NO because all it does is drive me further into my lust and desire because I am NOT ALLOWED TO CUM!

It is Wednesday today, Wanton Wednesday at that and have I mentioned that there are only 3 days until he gets here? So this is my 3rd day of the ‘fuck yourself for 10 mins but no cumming’ task and I have woken wet and throbbing, in fact if I push my hips down onto the bed I can feel my clit graze the sheets so I guess I am swollen too, if I put the glass anywhere near me right now there is no way I could manage 10 minutes, I think I would be over the edge and into the land of orgasms after about 3. So today the glass fuck will have to wait for now, until I have managed to get this slutty body of mine back under some sort of control.

I have no idea how I am going to manage the rest of the week like this, I know he wants me lusty when he arrives but does he really think that after 4 months I won’t be that way anyway, or is it that he just enjoys listening to me beg and squirm and grumble about the sweet torture he is inflicting on me this week. I wonder if by Saturday I will be so wanton and desperate that just his kiss and the feel of his hands pulling me tight against his body will be enough to make me cum. I will be sure to let you know, in the meantime I am off to read all the other Wanton Wednesday posts and try not to get too turned on. Hmmm, maybe I am enjoying this sweet torture after all……


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Tigress November 17, 2010 - 2:55 pm

I hope you make it that long. I don’t think I could! No… I know I could not wait that long. Very hot pic!!!!! Like that plug.


keatsjohnkeats November 18, 2010 - 1:47 am

Wow, I’d never heard of Wanton Wednesday. Amazing the things one can find on the internet. Thanks for introducing me to it. I’ll be back.

DDD November 18, 2010 - 2:10 am

Oh, Molly. I don’t know how you’re going to make it. What is it about being told you can’t cum that drives a woman wild?

Especially after all the men I’ve had that couldn’t MAKE me cum. Maybe the difference is when the man telling you not to cum, is soooo good at making you cum. And he’s the only thing you can think of …

beauty November 18, 2010 - 4:48 am

That sweet torture is my favorite….even if it IS torturous 😉 Because that orgasm, when it’s finally permitted, is explosive. I think I envy you this week….

lockherbelt February 24, 2011 - 12:18 am

Molly, I hope you enjoy every delicious moment of your T&D, and hope master extends it on you.

If there is any FEMALE out there who is interested in having a dominant man control your orgasms, please email me. I am a single dominant man in search of a real time relationship, long term prefered.


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