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17th August 2011

Today we are getting married. The waiting is finally over we are no longer living distant lives but starting a whole new chapter of our life together. At times over the last year it has been hard to believe that this day would actually ever come but we never gave up and now here we are, on our wedding day and all that heartache seems a distant memory but it is a memory I shall treasure because without a shadow of a doubt it has built us a foundation from which we are able to fly.

So we have rings and music and vows we have written. I have a dress and shoes that sparkle, an excited 8-year-old bridesmaid with a dress made by my Mum and a son who is walking by my side in a pair of trouser. Yes, real proper trousers, he has been surgically removed from his track suit (sweatpants) especially for the occasion. We have friends and family from near and far with us and food and drinks to celebrate with. The door bell keeps ringing with people delivering flowers and food. His family has been round this morning and helped us cut up food and tidy the house but now it is quiet and we are alone for a moment. He kisses me. That is all I need.

I have something old, my pendant from my collar, something new, a silver chain for the pendant which he will put round my neck in just a few short hours, something borrowed, a garter from her and something blue. You see, when I look over my shoulder at him like this, it tends to get a reaction that gets me something very blue….and today more than any other day I shall wear them under my skirt with pride.


Ps… the word of the week is ‘bell’ and the rest you must know by now….



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  • NIHH

    All I can do is smile a big smile for you Molly xxxx

  • KaziGrrl

    Beautiful effect!

    I am so, so very happy for you both today and you will constantly be on my mind!!
    Love to you both!!!


  • V


    I love you guys.

  • Curvaceous Dee

    *beams* I hope today is just marvellous!

    xx Dee

  • Vineyard Road

    Oh, Molly… congratulations!

    Breathe deep and savor.

    Good Luck!

  • Elizabeth N. Spire

    This is the best of days, you pair have made it and the future is yours to forge together! Liz x

  • Hubman

    That’s great, congratulations!!

  • Noira Celestia

    I hope your wedding was wonderful Molly. <3

  • Jazmine

    Happy Wedding. I know it was a beautiful day and one of many many more. hugs to you both.


  • Loves2Watch

    OMG! I am SOOOOO happy for you both. It gives me hope in love and kink! Congrats!

  • Rori

    Even though I already said it on Twitter, I have to say it here too – CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I hope you have many decades of happiness (and kinkiness) together.

  • Sophia

    Congratulations to the both of you!
    I am beyond happy.
    You are both blessed.

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