Sleeping and waking, recreated

by Molly Moore
Dark grainy image of Molly sucking Michaels cock

When I saw he prompt for this week I asked Michael for a suggestion as to what I should do. He told me to go and look for an old post to recreate. That gave me the idea of going back to my first year of blogging and seeing if I posted something on the 4th July. I didn’t but the nearest post to that date was one called Sleeping and Waking which I had removed as it had been submitted for publication. When I looked back through my folders I discovered it got rejected and so now seems a good time to repost it here.

When I wrote it Michael and I were still in a long distance relationship. He was in the USA and I was here. Later that month he would get his VISA and move here and 18 months of mainly being apart would finally come to an end. We used to sleep together on Skype but because of the time difference he would get to watch me sleep during his evening and I would do the same during my morning. I wrote this piece whilst watching him sleep.


I see him sleeping, the early morning light illuminating his shoulders and back and highlighting the curls of his hair. The steady rise and fall of his chest as he breathes the deep slow breaths of sleep show me he is deep in slumber. I sit and watch, mesmerised, studying his back and neck, memorising every line, mark and shape, imprinting the image of him in my brain so that I can retrieve it later when I need to.

He turns in his sleep and stretches, the muscles of his shoulder and forearms standing out as he tenses them. I can see his face now, he lays flat on his back his arms thrown up above his head, his face soft and relaxed in sleep and the urge to reach forward and gently kiss his lips is almost overwhelming.

I can see my place, where my head lays on his shoulder, it is right there, taunting me, making me yearn to crawl close and snuggle down. I know that my body fits perfectly against his, I know how his skin feels against mine and I know that if I laid my head there his arm would instinctively encircle my back and his lips would graze the top of my head with a kiss as he pulls me tight to him. I know that as I lay my arm protectively across his chest and breath in a sigh of contentment the scent of him would hit me. For a moment I would lay and breathe him in, curling my body tighter against his until I too started to drift of back to sleep.

I want to reach out, just touch him, trace the outline of his body with my fingers, and brush them across his lips as he sleeps.  He turns again and faces me now and I can tell by his slightly restless movements that he will wake soon. I have watched him enough to know this but for now he settles again and I resume my vigil. I wait for the time when I shall be back by his side, close by for him to reach out to and touch should he so desire, sleeping my own peaceful slumber, until he wakes me with a touch, or a kiss, or even more.

My mind starts to wander now, the thought of his hands on my body making my thoughts turn from sleep to passion. I draw the sheet back from his body as he sleeps, he shifts and sighs but he does not wake. I lay for a moment; my head propped up in one hand, and admire his glorious body as he lies before me. His strong masculine chest and shoulders delight me, but my eyes are drawn down between his thighs. His cock lays flaccid against his thigh, one of his legs drawn up slightly the other laying flat on the bed. I reach down and with the tip of one finger I trace a line down the side of his cock. Again he stirs, but still does not wake.

I slid further down the bed and kneel up beside him for a moment, studying his face for a few seconds more before I lower my head, and take his cock gently between my lips. It is soft and warm in my mouth and I hold it still for a moment, tasting him, and something else too, me I think, he still tastes of me from the night before. My tongue flickers and dances around the tip and instantly I can feel him growing hard for me, his cock filling my mouth more and more with each flick and rub of my tongue.  I pull back slightly as the head of his cock starts to push against the back of my throat but then I open wider and take all of him back inside my mouth.

He groans, and the sound excites me further, I know he is waking, his body coming alive for my mouth and I reach up and run my hand over his chest, finding one of his nipples, circling the small bud there with the tip of my finger. He stretches out beneath my touch, and I glance up to his face, his eyes are still closed but I know from his breathing that he is no longer really sleeps.

I start to slowly suck his cock in and out of my mouth, the saliva running down my chin and onto his balls. He is fully hard now and I want to see it. I lift my head and let it slip from the warm grasp of my lips. It stands up from his body, tall and proud and glistening with the wet juices from my mouth, as I wipe some of the saliva from my chin with the back of my hand I can still taste him, and me, on my tongue. I reach out with my hand and take his cock firmly in my grasp and as I run my hand up his shaft I bring my lips down to meet the head of his cock again. He slips between my hot wet lips and I close them tight around the rim of the head of his cock, holding him there. My tongue dancing all over the head, licking tasting and pushing into the slit at the top.

Suddenly his hand is on the back of my head and his finger grasp a hand full of my hair and push. For a moment I struggle, push back against his hand. I am enjoying myself, being in control, feasting on his cock for my own pleasure. His grip tightens and he growls as he forces himself into me. Holding my head firmly in his grasp he pushes his hips upwards and buries his full length deep into the back of my throat. For a moment there is a struggle as I try to push back, his cock filling my mouth so unexpectedly that I am gagging and fighting to be free of it, but he holds me firm and steady and waits for me to submit to his will, he knows it will happen.

Finally I am still, and then it starts, the slow rise and fall of his hips, my head held tightly in place, my lips open and my mouth full. I kneel by his side, his fingers locked into my hair as he takes his pleasure in my mouth. “Move that tongue Slutmine, let me feel you licking me, like the greedy little slut you are” I obey, his words like fire to my body, heating me up, making me drip. I can feel his cock start to thicken in my mouth and with his other hand he grasps my forehead and holds me even tighter. I look up at him and try to meet his gaze, but he eyes are focused on my lips as he is watches his cock slide smoothly in and out of my mouth. The look on his face of desire and lust makes me growl and the vibrations on his cock make him jump and leap within my mouth.

He cum’s hard, growling and groaning, holding my head even tighter, his fingers gripping my hair in such a way that I cry out as he fills my mouth. His hips jerk and twitch as he pumps hot sticky cum into my throat and across my tongue.  For a moment my throat and mouth are flooded and it takes all my concentration not to gag but then he loosens his grip and I pull my head back ever so slightly allowing me to finally swallow. With greedy gulps I savour the salty taste of him and as his body falls back to relaxation I grasp his still hard cock in my hand and slowly milk the last few drops of his cum from him, watching with delight as they bead at the end of his cock. I wipe them on my lips and turn to look up at him. My face is flushed and my hair a mess, and I am out of breath, his cum glistens on my lips and I know that my juices flow between my thighs, my pussy throbs and aches for his touch,  he reaches up and draws me down into his embrace. “Good morning Sir” I mumble into his chest. His reply?  “I love you Slutmine”

Now he wakes for real and smiles up at me. “You just came, Sir” I say. “I did, was it good for me?”

And so I read to him what I have written whilst he slept and by his response, I can only assume it was indeed good.

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Thebarefootsub July 4, 2018 - 6:51 pm

The start is beautiful and tender, the end is just hot. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one

Elliott July 4, 2018 - 7:33 pm

One sexy story, Molly. I forgot he was from here… please tell him Happy Fourth from me.

Marie Rebelle July 4, 2018 - 8:12 pm

This is a lovely fantasy, a lovely story, like the love story between you two. I think it’s so special that you had watched each other sleep!

Rebel xox

Kayla Lords July 4, 2018 - 9:56 pm

Gawd, this is so beautiful and erotic.

missy July 5, 2018 - 5:19 am

This is beautiful Molly. The closeness and intimacy is almost tangible and I love what passes between you. Hot, sexy and immensely loving. ?

May More July 5, 2018 - 10:26 pm

Just so romantic and erotic and hot! x

Intimacy in D/s Relationships LB136 - LovingBDSM July 6, 2018 - 5:15 am

[…] Sleeping and waking, recreated (blog post by Molly Moore) […]

Molly Moore January 8, 2019 - 11:25 pm

he has taken his pleasure in many different ways during those dark hours. Including coming on various parts of my body while I sleep.


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