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16th March

I am not a big fan of orgasm denial. I like cumming, the feeling beforehand when my pussy twitches at just the thought, the flow of juices as I play and then that rolling, pulsing, feeling as my orgasm flows through me and then finally those breathless spent moments as I lay and recover. Why would I enjoy being denied that?

As a general role I don’t. In fact a previous play partner who enjoyed saying no way too much, found that I got grumpy, crabby and sullen when it went on for days and days and without an end in sight but what about orgasm control? That is a whole different matter altogether.

My orgasms are controlled by Him. There is absolutely NO CUMMING without His permission, and it is a hard and fast rule and one I know if I chose to break would bring me severe punishment. I have never broken it, and don’t intend to now, even though he has made it much harder for me this week by the task he has set me.

I am to masturbate twice a day, for 10 minutes each time, but I am NOT allowed to cum. If I feel like I can’t control it any more than I can pause and get myself under control again but I cannot cut short the total time. It’s only Wednesday, there are another 2 whole days of this agony left before He will be here and my reward for all this waiting will then be mine.

I am like a bitch on heat today, my juices keep leaking out, and my panties are constantly damp. I can feel my aching throbbing clit grazing against the seam in my jeans. The shower is the worst, spreading my lips so that I can shave them clean and smooth leads to fingers, touching, probing, until I am growling in frustration and agony at the need to cum but I won’t give in to it. I won’t! I won’t! I won’t!

The reason I won’t is because I know if I did, I would only be disappointed in myself and that even though at first it would be a relief it would also be an empty, lonely relief. I don’t want to cum for my fingers anymore; I have done that too much of late. I want to cum on His fingers; I want to feel His cock in me as my body finally submits to His again. I want to cum for Him, for His touch, looking into His eyes as I do. I will wait for Him now to release me from this torment. Is it Saturday yet?

Maturbating on bed

  • Molly Moore - Author, Blogger, Photographer, Speaker, Director of Operations @Eroticon Find me in my corner of the internet at Molly's Daily Kiss and on Twitter @mollysdailykiss

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  • SapioSlut

    What a naughty picture! I feel like I just opened the door and saw you lying there maturbating.

    I rather like that.

    • Signs

      That is my favorite way to find her… ready for me 😀

  • rubyyyjones

    Soak Up Saturday / I’m Sure It Will Inspire Many More Pics & Prose
    Love Lust & Light


  • DickDykeDick

    I’m sending you strength from the midwestern plains … just a few more days. And you’ve NEVER looked better, my dear.

    • mollyskiss

      Thank you very much and right back at you…..your post today is HOT.


  • Dangerous Lilly

    love this for the exact reason SS said – it looks like we just walked in on an unsuspecting you. The voyeur in me adores that!

  • G&N

    How long will it take you to cum on Saturday when permission is granted?
    More than a few seconds?
    And another question: Why do you wear panties? Especially now that your juices keep leaking out most of the time you should consider the possibility to leave proof of your sluttiness everywhere you go instead of dumping your pants. In cars, chairs, bars, office, taxis… a short dress and no panties would be ideal for giving a proof of how you feel…

    • mollyskiss

      I suspect it will be very quick, although sometimes when I get like this it takes a while to get there but when I do it will be explosive.

      As for the panties, I like panties, I like the way they feel and if it was slightly warmer weather wise then I would be with you on the short skirt thing but right now….WAY TO COLD for this little slut.


      ps, thanks for your great comment

      • G&N

        You are welcome. it is obvious that you can’t take this any more! You can’t focus at work, can’t concentrate on driving, you can’t think about anything at all except wanting to cum. Your clit… it just throbs. wherever you go people can smell your own slutty wetness. Push yourself to the limits during these last two days. Try to get on the edge of cuming as much as possible whenever possible. Don’t stop masturbating until you absolutely have to. Perform public masturbation secretely in your car and in public toilets. Remove your panties when you cannot take it any more and leave them in a public toilet after you have wiped your pussy dry with them. Take a photo of your soaked panties lying to the toilet floor and request your master’s permission to post it here before Saturday for your readers’ pleasure.

  • Clive

    A few short days away and an explosive cumming – not long now Molly 🙂

  • Samantha

    you have my respect Molly.. i don’t think I could deal with restricting my orgasms.. i revel in them too much. <3

  • Annabelle

    That is some serious control you have going there. Good on you. I do love the picture, lost in your own world 🙂

  • Shelly Fryman

    Great photo, but sex toys are so much better than your fingers…..I speak from experience.

    • mollyskiss

      I agree…fingers are the best.


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