by Molly Moore
view out of airplane window during flight

Written yesterday….5th April 2010

That is where I am right now as I write this. I am sitting in seat K30 on a 777 flying to Philadelphia. The movie is playing, the food has been and gone and the blind is down to block out the blinding bright rays of the sun. I look around me and wonder, where are these people going? Holidays, visiting family, business….I am fairly certain that the large group of American teenagers are returning home after what, a European adventure I guess. People are reading, some are napping, most seem to be glued to some movie or other and together we fly onwards to our destination.

So it would appear that I am finally here, on this flight that I have waited so very long for. I booked it 13 weeks ago but I have been waiting far longer than that. I not quite sure how long exactly, years certainly, maybe even my whole adult life. Not for this specific flight mind you, but for this…..the adventure, to do something on my own, for me, something different, new, challenging, something adult, something fulfilling, something unknown, something…….

What will the next 2 weeks hold? A new city that’s for sure, with plenty of shopping, eating, exploring, and relaxing. I hope the sun shines and the hotel has my booking, I hope that I bought enough clothes with me and I hope my bag is safely stowed in the hold of THIS plane and not in one of the ones that is going to Ghana, or Dubai or LA or any of the other BA flights I saw on the board whilst waiting at Heathrow. I’m grinning now; I wonder what security at Heathrow made of the contents of my bag. I guess they have seen it all before but even so, the glass dildo, 2 vibes, 4 collars with attachments, nipple clamps, and…….well you get the picture and I guess the good men and women of airport security did too…..LOL

There a few more hopes running through my mind and most of them concern the next few hours. I hope this plane gets its wheels safely on the ground, I hope US customs don’t take an instant dislike to me and return me immediately to the UK, I hope that the above mentioned baggage is taking a spin round the carousel when I get there, I hope I spot him first, I hope I don’t make a total donut of myself and slip over, or have my dress hooked up in my knickers or food in my teeth. I hope he is there, I hope I don’t disappoint him, I hope he kisses me……..I wonder what we will say…….


Ps…He was there, he kissed me…….Don’t ask me what we said, I can’t remember……. I have arrived!

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