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14th August 2011

If anyone out there ever tries to tell you that internet relationships and friendships are not real, point them in my direction and I will happily set them straight on the matter because I have proof, in fact I am proof, that they know not what they speak of.

This morning the doorbell went and when we opened it we were greeted with one of the largest and most beautiful bunches of flowers I have ever seen. Who did they come from? Well I won’t name them here, apart from to say that I got to know them online, through my blog and their blog and just-kinky.com. At first it was an online acquaintance, a few emails, some giggles, you know the type of thing but over the last year that has blossomed and grown into a friendship that I treasure and they are not the only ones.

Last night Sir and I spent a blissful few hours on a Skype call with two of the sexiest ladies I know. Watching their loving romance develop over the past few months has been a privilege but seeing them finally together and so wonderfully happy and content has bought me more joy than they can ever know. They are both very special people to me and again I am honoured to call them both my friends. One of them though, and I know the other one won’t mind me saying this, in fact I know she will agree, is very special. Without the internet we would never have met each other and developed one of the strangest but most amazing friendships I have ever had. This week they will be travelling down the UK to be here with me and Sir and I cannot wait to hug them, laugh with them and see them together for real. If anyone tells you internet relationships are not real, I have the evidence to the contrary.

I can’t stop there though; I need to mention Aphy, Ali, DDD, Emmie, Rachel, Sam, Dan, Livi, Josie, EroticMoonbeam, Annette & Chris, Hope, Roz, Princess Pip, Venus, Missi, Freddy….. I think that covers it but I know there are more, including flowers we received a week ago from another internet friend. ALL people I have met online and all friendships I treasure, some of them I have met in real life and some are still on the to-do list. Are those friendships any less real or valuable because of that? NO! Again, anyone who says any different is talking crap.

What about a best friend who turned into the brother I never had? Oh yes the internet gave me one of those too. He knows who he is. He won’t be here with me this coming week but it doesn’t matter because I know he carries me in his heart and mind just as I do him. Is out friendship any less powerful or rewarding because we became friends through the internet? NO! We are blessed to have found one another and without the internet we would have been denied that and both our lives would have been less rich for it.

As I write this I have living breathing proof that internet relationships and love are real. We meet at just-kinky.com over 18 months ago, friendship turned into attraction and before we knew it love, a deep and bonding love that I have never known before with another human being, a love that I didn’t actually believed existed. He taught me that I was wrong, that love and passion, romance and joy, fun and laughter, desire and lust were ours for the taking. It has been a rollercoaster ride to this day, to being together but it was all worth it. Without the internet would we have one another, would we have this love? I very much doubt it. So if anyone ever tells you that internet friends and relationships are not real, or don’t work out, then send them here, it will be my pleasure to tell them, no, to show them that they don’t know what they are talking about.

As I sit and look out of my window I know I am blessed. I know the internet has enriched my life in ways I could never have imaged 5 years ago, I know this week is going to be one of the most amazing weeks of my life. His family are coming and my family will be here too. My kids are happy and excited and some of the above mentioned people are travelling from all over the globe to be here with us and those people who can’t make it will appear in my computer at some point and we shall share a cyber hug and drink together. You see this Wednesday I am marrying my ‘internet love’.


Ps… I know Sinful Sunday is all about the image but this week the words were necessary too.


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  • Dalide B

    Wait… you’re getting married? How have I missed this? Congratulations! I wish you and Signs all the best for the future and I wish I could be there! Have an amazing day, and you know, shine like the star you are 🙂

    Dalide xx

    • mollyskiss

      We have not shouted about it, for private reasons, until now! We are getting married on Wednesday.


  • just a girl

    OMG married! Squee!!! Congratulations and hugs and much love and wishes for an amazing future <3

  • KaziGrrl

    I knew you were getting married, didn’t realise it is this week! Oh my goodness, I am so happy for you both!! and my very best wishes to the both of you!!


  • Aphrodite

    Kisses Molly and Signs

    I am so happy for you both and the only sadness I feel is not being able to get to England to see my best friend get married.

    Even though I will not be there physically I will be thinking of you for the whole day and with you in my heart.

    Kisses hugs

  • Phoenix

    Congratulations to you both!! So happy that you are finally together and now no one can keep you apart. I met my ‘one’ 13 years ago and I know that like us you would have realised there and then there was never anyone before or would be again. I hope you will both be as happy as we have been and that you have everything that you wish for yourself. Congratulations again Molly and MK. Phoenix xxx

  • Catharine


    I can’t think of anything more exciting to say…

  • NIHH

    Oh Molly, I have tears in my eyes I am so very very happy for you both. Thank you for sharing your wonderful news with us. x

  • Ali

    i am so happy for you both. I wish i could be there for you but i will be there in spirit. Best wishes and love always


  • Noira Celestia

    I met Sire on the internet as well and we made baby together. I hope those people would not try to suggest that she isn’t real either? Internet friends are just as valuable as friends you know in person. I know some of my internet friends better than I do anyone else.

    Beautiful photograph and congrats on getting married. Sire and I want to get married soon too, but there are some complications since our families live on two sides of the country due to meeting on the internet.

  • Cheeky Minx

    Along with your beautiful and effortlessly erotic photograph, your words capture a bliss that leaves my heart aching in the best possible way.

    Congratulations to you both on the blessed event… x

  • EroticMoonbeam

    Squeeeee!! *blows dust off hat, shines shoes*

  • Rebel

    Oh WOW, Molly! I am so happy for you and your Sir. It brought tears to my eyes when I saw you are getting married this week. Congratulations! I wish you a long and happy life together!


    PS: Met my Husband online 9 years ago, we’ve been married for almost 6 now 🙂

  • Gaspar

    My girl and I are another internet success story. May you and your ‘internet love’ have the same success.

  • Dangerous Lilly

    Congratulations!! That’s absolutely wonderful and romantic news.

  • Emmie

    Oh molls *hugs* you know how i feel about you two. I’m so happy you two are finally able to be together forever. Plus I cant thank you enough to introducing D and I. <3

    & todays my anniversary then i get to know my uncie finally is completed on wednesday with his love <3

  • Lauralyn Wilkins

    MOLLY! Felicitations on your upcoming nuptials – what wonderful news inDEED! I wish you and Sir all the best in your new life together…The two of you, along with your remarkable story of courtship, love and devotion to one another – make me hopeful that true love really MIGHT exist…

    P.S. – the photo of you sitting on the window sill, is fanTAStic…a sincere rendering of sublime serenity…well done

  • ~c

    Congratulations darling… I saw your Sir’s tweet the other day about “The big day”, I sorta kinda figured it out. May you two be blessed with many more years to come…


  • Missi

    I love you too miss. molly!! I am SO unbelievably happy for you both. I dont know anyone who deserves this happiness more then you do.

    Your best friend/brother IS an amazing man. But you my friend/twin are amazing as well. We both wish we could be there with you to celebrate the amazingness that awaits you and Him. I know I speak for both of us when I say we wish were on your side of the pond.

    May God Bless your union and future.

  • Janie

    Congratulations 🙂 I hope you have a fantastic day!

    I too am with someone that I met over the Internet. Before we ever met in real life I knew that I loved him, and my feelings were in no way affected by a meeting in ‘real life’. The friendships I have made with people online are no less important to me than those I have with people I have actually met. I can see why people are sceptical though, until you experience it you can’t really know how much of a connection you can make through typing alone!


  • hispreciouspet

    Congratulations!!! I hope you are as happy as my Master and I, who met online 8 years ago, and have been married for 5 years now!!! 🙂

  • Curvaceous Dee

    Biggest hugs!

    xx Dee

  • Gearjammer

    My my my. I really should have commented when I first read this, but I had some trouble seeing the screen. Getting old, I suppose. It was blurry. Seems good now, however.

    You know my heart. You know how I feel. Dammit, I’m in the wrong place.

    I don’t have words big enough for how this feels. This is “happily ever after” against the tide. This is the great smack-down to “things THAT good can’t happen.” This is the reason every one of us should try for what feels totally improbable, and try, and keep trying.

    Wednesday is not about canes, paddles, ropes, hugs, kisses, or promises. It is about step one on the new path, which is the path of you two growing together, then growing old and satisfied together. You will, this I know.

    You two deserve each other in the best way possible. I love you Molly. Signs, it is my honor to be called friend.


  • Jonathan Vaje

    Congratulations Molly & your Sir! It always remains enthralling & enlightening to read what you generously share here about your relationship & the obvious love which underpins every moment. I wish you the greatest & unending happiness &, of course, a wonderful day.

  • Gracie

    This is a really touchy subject for me. I just celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary with my internet boy. He still greets me with a kiss when I enter or depart a room. I went through some terrible things last year, and the people who were there for me were online friends. One of my online friends just had a stroke, and we’re worried and as supportive as we can be, but if we could afford to take a trip, we’d have been there in an instant. The lack of constant physical interaction doesn’t make those people somehow not “real.” I just can’t buy into that rubbish.

    A very belated congratulations for your wedding- Here’s hoping you’ve found your match, as I was lucky enough to do. (Sorry for blundering into the conversation; I’ve lurked here and there for the last couple of weeks.

    • mollyskiss

      Thank you for your lovely comment and congratualtions on your anniversary! No need to apologise, all comment and thoughts are greatly welcomed. I have been overwhelmed by the number of people who have told me wonderful happy internet relationship stories since I made this post.


  • Sophia

    So so happy for you… xxx

  • GeekyNymph

    That is so wonderful! Congratulations! I am so happy for you both 🙂 xoxox

  • Venus Luvs

    This is an absolutely beautiful story. It made me smile to hear how you met your love and are now married to him. Congratulations! Much love and happiness always…..

  • Mrs Discontented

    First of all, as I’m new here, massive congratulations on finding each other and your marriage. Secondly this is an amazing post and I couldn’t agree more, I have made some amazing, true friends (and not just of the sexy fun kind) in under a year of blogging and exploring, friends I wouldn’t be without now.

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