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Nipple picture

3rd November 2011

Where’s Your Focus

This is not the best nipple shot I have ever taken, you will find that HERE but then this picture is not really about just the nipple. Sometimes I will take forever thinking a shot through before hand, planning it, waiting for the right light or the right location to come along and when it does I will take bucket loads of pictures and then on other occasions I will just grab the camera and take one picture. No planning, no thinking, just click. I have discovered that these one of shots can often result in little gems. I love the fact that my nipple, although perfectly in focus and rather distracting, is actually only some of the story within this image.


Ps… Day 4 of the ‘post a picture every day this week’ task and I am still well on track. Of course being Half-Nakkid Thursday is also another good reason!

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  • Yummyx

    There is something so calming and timeless about that picture, beautiful xx

    Happy HNT xx

  • severin

    Scores high on the lickability scale.

    sev x

  • DDD

    I love how mirrors can be so disorienting, so it’s hard to tell exactly what’s real and what’s a reflection. And your breast — I love the angle of your nipple and breast, tipping themselves up for an eager mouth. Very nice…

  • KaziGrrl

    I love pictures with a story! and as they say, a single picture can speak a thousand words… 🙂


    ~Kazi xxx

  • the late phoenix

    where’s my focus?
    on you, of course!

    hhnt, beautiful

  • rachel

    Very beautiful piece of photography and a very beautiful subject.

  • Elle

    Ah, yes, this is a lovely image, well constructed and sexy 🙂

  • Cheeky Minx

    A beautiful and sensual image…

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