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In order to create last weeks Sinful Sunday triptych I had to crop all 3 in various ways. The final result was something that I was very pleased with but I am also very proud of each one as a stand alone image therefore I thought it would be nice to show off all three in their full spring time glory!


I took this image right back in February, when it felt a lot more like winter than spring even in the sunshine. it was taken in the graveyard of a ruined church about 6 miles from my home. I took a few other images on that day that I might post in time but this was my favourite as I really liked how the snowdrop and my toe was in focus. Moment after this shot was taken 2 elderly ladies came through the gate but luckily they didn’t seem to notice me as they walked up the path to the ruins giving me time to get my trousers back on.

masturbating in the snow drops for sinful sunday Daffodils

I took this one in the middle of March. The weather was gloriously and I happily trotted around this small woodland, whilst my son played football in the field behind it, in just my England panties and little vest taking shots in different spots. Again, I have some more from this location that I actually love better than this one, but it was the one that fitted best into the triptych. The bright sunlight made it a tricky shot as my camera was actually in the shade and as a result there is some noise in the image but with a bit of post production I have gotten rid of the worst of it.

Molly sitting up against a tree naked in the sunshine with daffodillsBluebells

Finally the last of the wild spring flowers to bloom; the Bluebells. I had been watching this woodland for the last couple of months, going back regularly to check up on their progress. When I had the idea for the triptych I had yet to take this image as the flowers had yet to bloom but luckily a few days before the competition they finally started to show off their colours. Although not truly a sea of blue quite yet, it was just enough to get this shot.

Laying naked in a field of BluebellsI am not sure I have a favourite. I really like all of them for different reasons. Technically, with regards to clarity, focus, colours etc the snowdrops and bluebells is probably the best, but I have come to the conclusion that technically perfect images, which the internet and in particular the main stream media is awash with might be just that, technically perfect, but that doesn’t make them good. In fact often it makes them very dull indeed. For me I find the truth far more interesting than perfection.


Sinful Sunday badge



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  1. Bluebells.
    Definitely bluebells.
    I have a big thing for them; and there are (well used to be) loads of patches in Wendover Woods. When I was much younger, I had a hope that my first kiss would be in a carpet of bluebells: alas, it wasn’t, but I still have that ingrained love of the delicate plants.
    John recently posted..WickedWednesday/Flash Fiction: Hungry for her cockMy Profile

  2. I’m glad you posted these individually! I enjoyed the triptych, but now that I see the Snowdrops image up close, I can see all of the detail in it better, and I love it even more!
    Penny recently posted..Sudden StormMy Profile

  3. oh Molly, they’re all so beautiful, you are truly talented with your photography, you create and capture such gorgeous images, I love them all too, I couldn’t pick a favourite.
    Mrs Teepot recently posted..More thoughts on motherhoodMy Profile

  4. Each and every one of these images are wonderful. They make me wish that I could get some outdoor pics. The bluebells are beautiful – one of my favourite flowers. I love the joy of you in that image.
    HappyComeLucky recently posted..Hot Cross BunMy Profile

  5. You are so right that imperfection is more often than not the perfect shot. I find that the imperfections in a particular image are sometimes what makes it so interesting!

    For me I love all the images because I adore spring flowers and with you in them it makes them even more delicious!

    I also have a bluebell wood that I am keeping an eye on and I think that by sometime next week the blooms should be in all their glory – I love the springtime as it heralds the summer and (hopefully) some long hot summer days……….

    ~Mia~ xx
    Mia recently posted..Triangle…My Profile

  6. Just wow! Each one of these images is beautiful. My personal favourite is the snowdrops. I love the light and shadow in this one and the blur gives it a dreamy quality. You always take amazing photographs Molly xx
    GrittyWoman recently posted..Sinful Sunday: The BeltMy Profile

  7. I absolutely love all of these but the bluebells has to be my favourite. I love your pose, I love the flowers, the colours and your skin looks so lovely and soft. Beautiful.
    Teal Valentine recently posted..Sinful Sunday – CurveMy Profile

  8. A sinful spring beginning!
    I’ve always admired how you photograph in nature. My favorite is the blue bells. You look like a nymph in the field, enjoying the arrival of Spring. xxx

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