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Do Not Disturb

Movie Starlet Portrait of Molly in corset

This is my (10 Things) guide on the correct use of hotel rooms. If you have any other suggestions you think I have missed please do let me know in the comments below.

1. Hotel rooms are meant for fucking. They are not meant for families or singles, although clearly there is sometimes a need for them to be used in this way but it is not the correct use of a hotel room.

2. Hotel rooms with headboards that can be used to attached poor abused subbies to are far superior to those without such headboards.

chained to headboard by wrists3. The peep-hole in the door is there for 2 possible uses.

  • To try to take funky photographs through (sadly I have not yet managed to achieve this but I am working on it
  • To watch your poor subbie dance around in distress in just her panties when you have shut her out in the corridor for your amusement *experiencing talking here

4. Rooms with full length mirrors in that are positioned so you can watch yourself fucking are superior to those without such a thing.

5. Large windows with amazing views of the city or countryside below are there to give you the fabulous illusion of being watched whilst being fucked from behind.

6. Balconies also fall into this group but are even better as then you can feel the night air on your skin whilst you partake of the above activity…. Blow jobs are also ideal activities for hotel balconies. Sadly hotel balconies are less common than you would imagine.

7. The ice bucket ( and the ice machine in the corridor*) is not there for you to keep your bottle of white wine cold, it is in fact, there for you to chill your beautiful glass dildos in. There is nearly always a mini fridge which is where the wine goes. Can’t believe that I need to explain that, but just in case. *WARNING! Be careful when leaving the room to dash next door to the ice machine as this can lead to the second situation mentioned in point 3

Glass dildo in ice bucket8. The bible that is provided for you in the little drawer beside the bed is there for you to spank the word of God into your subbie’s backside and/or to prop up the broken bed leg if by some hideous chance it should break whilst you are laying gently and calmly on the bed with your loved one(s) *experiencing talking here (This is also a handy tip if you do have to stay in a hotel room with children or teens as that can also result in similar breakage outcomes)

9. Despite the hangers in the wardrobe appearing to be designed so that you cannot steal them they have actually been made this way so that you can effectively use the clips on them to torture various part of your willing partners body.

10. The sheets in hotel rooms are ‘free sheets’. Let me explain. Yes you have paid for the room which includes using all the linen in it but that charge means someone else is going to launder it all for you! If they get wax on them, a whole load of lint from your new flogger or maybe the odd droplets of body fluids, it is not you who has to concern yourself with the cleaning up of this.

Additional Notes

  • Hotel Elevators are ideal for self portraits; Elevated  as are housekeeping carts; Maid Service
  • Hotel luggage trolleys whilst looking like they are designed to carry your bags around are actually meant for this purpose; Hanging Out
  • Hotel rooms are the perfect bedroom/boudoir settings for your erotic photographs as they don’t contain all the unsightly clutter and wall mounted radiators that can be your nemesis when you are home
  •  The above rule also applies to hotel en suite bathrooms although from time to time you will find that they are not large enough to swing a glass dildo in let alone take any decent pictures.
  • Sometimes, if you are very lucky, hotels also provide other sets for you to explore your photography. These can be found in; hotel gyms, pools, roof top terraces and even, upon occasion, right outside your room. *Warning – Security cameras may prohibit such exploration or you might decide, like me, to chance it anyway and don’t forget, it is possible to take pictures that to security cameras look harmless…Movie Starlet Portrait of Molly in corset

This amazing set was, and I am kidding you not, what greeted you when you stepped out of the lift on our floor of hotel where we stayed in Bristol for Eroticon 2014, sans me of course!


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  • Molly Moore - Author, Blogger, Photographer, Speaker, Director of Operations @Eroticon Find me in my corner of the internet at Molly's Daily Kiss and on Twitter @mollysdailykiss

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  • F Dot Leonora

    Molly, this is BRILLIANT. Someone recognizes the sexy adult potential in a hotel. And I recognize that couch, the Bristol Hotel has such furniture porn!!!

  • luv2sex.info

    very creative ways of using the hotel facilities indeed !

  • V

    Molls… You look stunning!

  • Cara Sutra

    I am so glad to have found a soul sister when it comes to hotel rooms (probably quite a few other things too)! I have long said I have a hotel fetish and your post sums up precisely why. It’s not only the bed which can be corrupted… guests don’t need to clean the bath or shower either, and I have a penchant for sploshy food play as well as aquatic adventures. Family rooms are quite obviously for cuckoldry.
    Brilliant post and gorgeous photo as always. xx

  • Ali

    I always love having a sexy night away in a hotel, I have even stayed in a few in my own city. My favourite had a mezzanine facing floor-length windows which overlooked the busy cityscape. It felt very erotic to go down on my partner while he was fully exposed to that view.

  • Stella

    I love this Molly! You are exactly right, hotels are meant for fucking. You did forget one place though, the stairwell. I have had quite some fun in a hotel stairwell riding a lover on the stairs between floors when our hotel room was otherwise occupied. It is another place you need not worry about making a mess as someone else will surely clean up after you. 😉


  • Ruby Goodnight

    Ahh, the porn couches. We definitely didn’t take advantage of those quite enough.

  • Marie Rebelle

    Brilliant post! I think you should give this out in book form so everyone can buy it and take it with them when they stay in a hotel. How else will they know what the ice bucket is for? 😉

    Rebel xox

  • Mia

    This is so very very good and absolutely spot on!! I am having to stay in a hotel room (sadly on my own) in a few weeks for a work conference, but you can bet that Skype will feature heavily in the evenings when “on my own” chatting to my lovely man and probably doing the cam thing which I will only do for him!!

    What a gorgeous “set” for you photo in this post also!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  • Michelle

    I think I need to book a hotel this weekend. These are brilliant ideas. I have been using my hotel rooms the wrong way for years!

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