The After Mouth

By on November 2, 2011.

2nd November 2011

I love that moment afterwards as he lays back on the bed, his still hard cock stands proudly between his legs and a deep contented sigh escapes from his lungs. He is slick with sweat and his cock is coated with our combined juices. It is this moment when I get to take him slowly in mouth…

I can still feel him twitching and throbbing as my lips close gently around him, bathing him with my tongue as the heady scent of our combined sex, that can only be created by our fucking, fills my nose. His unmistakable taste floods my mouth as I explore the now highly sensitive head of his cock with my lips. Tenderly I move over him with a slow sensual dance of lips and tongue that glide downwards, cleaning and tasting, taking him deeper and deeper until finally I am dipping my lips into my own slick juices that have pooled around the base of his shaft…

Slowly his breathing returns to normal and I can feel his body relax underneath me as he luxuriates in the cleansing touch of my loving mouth. Finally my oral caresses slow to a stop and I just lay and hold him within the warmth of me until eventually I feel his hands on my hair and he pulls me back up his body and lays my head down on to his chest. For now our lust is sated but the taste of us on my lips and in my mouth and that still present odour of our bodies which lingers around me not only gives reminders of what just went before but also hints at promises of what might be to come. I canโ€™t help but lick my lips in anticipation.


Ps… The word for Wank Wednesday this week is ‘move’.


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  1. Oh, *Guh*. I…may need a few moments. Oral is my favourite thing ever, and you captured this scene so well.

    *is ded*

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