Finding my Sen (Kouros)

by Molly Moore
Sen kouros The Archer marble dildo review

It has been a while since I have done a video review, and I owe the lovely Cyra of Sen Kouros a huge apology because she sent he this beautiful dildo quite a while ago but I failed to get a review done until now. So Cyra, thank you so much for not only sending me this absolutely stunning creation but also putting up with my lollygagging around when it comes to the review. You are a true star and it has been a pleasure to work with you.

For those who might have to wait until they are at home to be able to view this video a quick summary of my review is that The Archer* is without doubt one of the most beautiful dildos that I own and is a truly pleasurable product to use. If you like the firmness of glass/steel/ceramic dildos then this will totally rock your world. However because this toy is hand crafted from a big old lump of marble it is not a toy that I can promote as a bargain but calling it a toy is really doing it a disservice as you are effectively buying yourself a work of art that you can fuck yourself with and you can’t say that about most other art.

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